Circa Crue

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Author krusch
Tags author:krusch bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-01-24
Last Modified 2006-01-24
by 39 people.
Map Data

Description gold/mine/tile speed map.

This map was featured on 2009-07-14

Void of any large, moving pieces (WARNING: Contains small, stationary parts), Circa Crue proves itself as a league of its own. A simple map built to allow so many torturous jumps, with hopes of making it over a hill. Or should I say a mountainous bubbly thing?
You're going to fail often. It's the nature of this map. krusch seems to have built this with a smile in his eyes, a twinkle in his toes, AND A MAMMOTH ERECTION. *cough*
At least I would assume that what happens when playing and successfully completing this map also happened when crafting it. — origami_alligator

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how does anyone like this..

Ooh Atob

Yes []

Have you tried

to google: nreality?

Hey guys...

I have a question I don't know how to use Nreality and where to download it..things like that.. can some one help me out??

THIS has style.
THIS is awesome!



easy enough to pass. I'd be no good for speed demos though. Here's all gold completion. Nice map, 4/5.
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Yes, it's his fourth review in a row, but I for one prefer that to having the same feature for four days in a row.
Oh, and my theory is that Unreality is a secret porn baron, disguised as a friendly programmer.


NReality is usually less laggy than N for me, so when N starts getting less responsive, I switch over to NReality.

Really well-placed mines.
Demo Data


sub 500 AGD
I guess this is what you meant when you said that creating a good map with little or no flow is real rewarding
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that's odd.

I wonder if Unreality knows about that.
When I downloaded Nreality, it spread porn every-fucking-where.
Palemoon, the aforementioned and I.
Although I don't use it due to lag...on my computer it is much slower

I may be an idiot, but the one time I tried downloading Nreality, it put a large amount of porn on my grandmother's computer.

Anyway, I'm old-school. It's not intellectual, but me and eganic are the holdouts.


Or you could just download Nreality. hint hint

It's works just as well (if not faster) than N_v14. Nothing changes if you don't want to play maps with Nreality mods. It's the same program but with the advantage of having NUMA highscoring. It's not some mystical program that is evil, it just has a few nice features that you can choose to access if you like. IF you don't then it's just like N_v14.

And if for some reason you can't download Nreality, then please disregard everything I just said. Please don't take it offensively either, I didn't intend it offensively in any way, I'm just letting you know how I see Nreality from a person who has used it for many moons.

i wish xaelar would post his awesome demos more often for those of us who don't have nreality. (hint, hint.)


Xaelar and EdoI have already beaten you on nreality (getting 450 and 480 frames respectively).


a bit faster, sub-500 is definitely possible
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Nice, nice.

Speedish map. 3rd try AGD.
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Ooh I like it ... it took me a little time to complete it and I'm not willing to post a freaking demo because it's pathetic because I'm not an exceptional n player ..anyways nice level 4.5/5 :D


most enjoyable, i love maps like these
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I have played this map before, just as challenging.
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"mammoth erection" was perfect.


I remember this.
these were the days.
that i cant do jumper maps that well, sorry =(.


when I saw the words MAMMOTH ERECTION, I thought you were talking about the tileset for some reason...

Yeah, very hard.

2nd try agd. :/
Amzing map though, nice feature.
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What the...

How the hell do you fucking pass this level? :(
MAMMOTH ERECTION may not have been the appropriate choice of words...

All gold demo

Demo Data

cool tileset



Demo Data

Thanks guys

Glad some of you like it.
Here's a quick-ish all-gold.
Go faster!
Demo Data
if you play it 100 millions times.
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Awesome map.
but the rest was more fun than anything a 5/5


yay i did it =P
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I cant pass this map :) It's too hard...