The Bends

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-12-17
Last Modified 2006-04-24
by 44 people.
Map Data

Description This map is dedicated to Ben_Schultz_11

Weird map.
Designed to spark creativity while you are playing.
I want to see _heaps_ of demos, the more impressive and creative the better.
Treat it like a more complex "Rocket Revolution"

Edited: Putting this as a Test Level was stupid. Also, I fixed an annoying spelling error. Silly me.

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oh btw

one of my favourite Radiohead songs and a great album.

Cool Map

I liked how everything was placed. 5/5!
Demo Data

sub 900 agd

pumpkin soup
Demo Data


Demo Data

2 frames.

Demo Data


That was a cool level. 5. Plus, here's some demo data.
Demo Data

Fun, but...

I don't see why it's a test level. I think it's a good map and it's fun to play.

Just me havin fun

some neat junk in there...enjoy!
Demo Data
isn't hardm it's impossible!

This level...

Is hard to beat if you do it without jumping...
(I failed but still posted a demo...)
I don't know if it was meant to be that but you said be creative...
Demo Data


demo & 5/5
Demo Data
Just fun. Nice map.
Demo Data


I don't know if it was playtesting or luck but everything in this map fit so well together. This All-Gold Demo is somewhat speedy...
Demo Data


I wondered if you would pick up on the title, sweep.
A rather good map too!


All gold yet!
Demo Data

Faster All Gold

I love this map so much. Thanks man, I love you!
Demo Data

This demo is just

Demo Data

Me Too

Couldn't put it any better myself.

I don't like

I Love!!!


you like?

Demo Data

Fair Enough

Thats Ok


That I spelt your name wrong, its fixed now.

Its a test level because, well, it isn't a race or an action or anything else in my eyes.
If I could put it in as "Uncategorized", I would.
Narm Sayin'

Oh and BTW

why test level are you scared of getting bad ratings and not wanting to delete it or..

Speed demo

can be beat
Demo Data


I was at my mates house and i forgot to logout.


Thanks man! You spelt my name wrong but I just loved the flow! Demo 2 come.

Ganz Toll!

i did it supa fast! kinda
Demo Data


No, I don't scuba dive and no, you aren't retarted.
It's a Radiohead title which I should have mentioned earlier, Oh well....

And remember, your demos don't have to be all-gold or even completion, if you do a good dodge, a nice trick or a funny death...Submit it!
I wont care...

All-gold, by the way...hehe..
Demo Data

do you scuba dive? or am i just retarded lol


all gold.
Demo Data


all gold
Demo Data