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Hello, I don't make maps anymore :( Sorry.

I'll just write some description about myself that I don't see why anyone would want to read, more so to remind myself of my time here in NUMA for when I stumble across NUMA yet again.

Joined NUMA at around 2005 I believe, where I was actively making N-arts, DDAs, and others types of maps, as well as actively playing other people's maps.
Then quite much retired on April 2006 as evident to my oldest map here.
Completed all of the episodes except for one ep in N game 1.4, strangely all my progress is lost unless progress is saved locally -.-
Had some high scores though not high enough to be of significance.

To hell do I know the reason as to why I deleted practically all my maps before I retired -.- All there is left is a DDA and my MapleStory N-Arts lol (I was probably ~12 at the time >.>)
Unfortunately I don't have record of any of my other old maps anymore, got lost.

I should thank nemetacyst for making me post 4 of my good n-arts before it all got lost :) That's all the old history of me you can get.

Oh well, good times :)

Good ole NUMA Friends:
ska <- Ben_Schultz_11
turtles <- 99turtle99
+ others whom I may have forgot to mention :S

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