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Featured map for 2022-12-22: Victory or Death! by TRT_Bardock

Thumbnail of the map 'Victory or Death!'

"Ineptitude clings at your heels which you are powerless to escape!"

Each potshot stings deeper as the determined potsticker dodges, calculating its next leap.

"I only want to share..." the embattled jiaozi implores, dancing between mines, for a shimmering moment catching respite upon crest before a sudden tower impedes."

"Sorry, honey, but in Soup Town™, one must be this spicy to serve!"

The poached clam slams shut with a powerful retort upon this saucy revelation, sending the helpless dumpling bouncing, down the treacherous incline, back into the boiling pot. — Arona_Daal

Featured map for 2022-12-06: ways around the mountain by blacklef

Thumbnail of the map 'ways around the mountain'

I would say my favourite object combination in this game is that of the humble one-way platform and the homing rocket. Blacklef exploits the unique mechanic of using tiles to force your way to the top, offering a tough challenge that is satisfying to master. There's also something satisfying about the descent — but just make sure you don't go too far left... or you might get snookered. — ska

Featured map for 2022-11-22: hadal zones part XIII by blacklef

Thumbnail of the map 'hadal zones part XIII'

Floating from familiarity of chaos, lulled below metronomic sunless plateau, former notions of champion and defeat naturally begin to enmesh in the psyche of the sunk. The sea symbolizes near universal substance for life, so it’s unsurprising to find some creatures’ lack of resistance returning to such a biologic solvent. Any comfort in these processes, however, is completely illusory, and even the drowned has ample cause to fly – for in the dark, unplumbed bowels of the ocean, one may meet those who offer fates still worse than death. — Arona_Daal

Featured map for 2022-08-16: Choke by lifdoff

Thumbnail of the map 'Choke'

Sometimes greatness isn't fully appreciated in its time: think Van Gogh or Eva Cassidy. This map is, in all honesty, one of the best maps I have ever played. I've been involved in this community in some shape or form off and on for 17 years, so I hope my words carry the weight of their intent. I enjoy Choke's quite literal rough-around-the-edges tileset, the necessitation of deft rocket dodging, and the addictive quality that the gold offers. A brilliant episodic map where lust for gold will leave you rich or have you dying trying. — ska

Featured map for 2022-07-22: Burnt Baboon by lifdoff

Thumbnail of the map 'Burnt Baboon'

Before you was taken to the facility, you knew a lot of things that could’ve been helpful. Maybe. Every day it gets harder and harder to recollect the past, between the surrounding neutral hues controlling your every move, and the negative energy tight knit in each corner disallowing any ancestral collection stratagem. You know that it’s building up, deep inside, and soon, inner primacy will be unleashed, without brakeage.

But really, all you know here is that your tail is on fire. — Arona_Daal

Featured map for 2022-06-22: Random Goals 17: Rodeo by Notae

Thumbnail of the map 'Random Goals 17: Rodeo'

This will be easy. It’s the same thing over, and over again. I’ve done it all before.

Each additional depth, a bit deeper, an iota of extra mine-age, initially hardly distinct from the last, eventually graduates enough to awaken incumbent senses between deliberated step-counting to, a modicum, enhanced realizations, momentary survival.

This is not as easy as it was before…

Featured map for 2022-05-22: Soul-juicer by Tempus_Fugit

Thumbnail of the map 'Soul-juicer'

The wails of past victims are ground into memory, an unshakable symptom from long habitation within the cavern. Hounded by an unspeakable thirst, patrolling each bloody stalactite, you await patiently for fetid pools to collect of the only substance which will sate your demonic lust.

Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip...

Featured map for 2022-04-22: CL. electric passage by FONDAA

Thumbnail of the map 'CL. electric passage'

Mincing toward the cartography board clutching an armful of materials, ready for review, the ninja is abruptly startled by dismissive scorn.
"Oh, you shan't be needing any of those today, I'm afraid."
"What?!" confused, they drop a marker, noisily clattering onto uneven tiles below.
"Yeet! We're doing something completely arbitrary instead!" another, parrotlike voice squeaks gleefully.
"You run gauntlet!" roars a third, approximating grey noise farting.
"But... I'm a mapmaker! I ain’t ready for those erratic drones!"
"No problem! We’re the Fun Committee™, not the Safety Squad™!”
Without warning, the speaker headlocks the ninja, hurling them through a waiting door.

Featured map for 2022-02-07: 81-0: Bloody Wanker by cucumber_boy

Thumbnail of the map '81-0: Bloody Wanker'

Cucumber_boy (aka kkstrong) is one of NUMA's most prolific authors. With over 1,000 maps under his belt, this quirky little episodic map from 2009 is a masterclass in minimalism. The optional trap door will make things easier, but speedrunners can bypass the trap door to save time. Getting all the gold in a fluid ascent is particularly satisfying. — ska

Featured map for 2021-04-06: 81-4: Serious Style Inc. by cucumber_boy

Thumbnail of the map '81-4: Serious Style Inc.'

once upon a time, a boy by the name of cucumber decided he needed serious style. but everywhere he looked, he could not find it. "I'll just make it!" he proclaimed. So he set off into the world. But he didn't know where to begin. So he sat and he thought and as he thought his thoughts began to take shape. Soon his thoughts had formed a multi-billion dollar industry and made cucumber their president. "We need a name," his thoughts said. With one final thought, cucumber proclaimed it would be called Serious Style Inc. — origami_alligator

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