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My rated maps count broke. Don`t trust it. Also, I once twice got sniped on everytime ca. 35 maps. So don`t believe that graphic so much.

These maps should/could be featured:
Square shim Ariago [](action)
White Tears; They became Mine Conscience [](action)
Masterthief [](adventure)
Sphinx [](Nreality)

These maps are heavily recommended:
The battle turns [](tileset)
PiNNballed Heroes [](N-Pinball)
Flight X32_B is going down [](Collaboration)
National Conflicts of highest Grade [](Nreality)
Circular Candlecruise [](action)
Pimp my Elephant [](Gag)
Thwumpmaster [](Race)
Starship Dream [](Puzzle)
My Dronie Nomination 2009 [](Nreality)



::A fantastic world, full of asthetic, atmosphere and fascinating gameplay::

::Dive into a completely, interactive storyline, told by the NREALITY SPEECH DRONE::

::Play the maps in order to beat dragons, save princesses and fight for the good::

::Explore old castles, deep forests, dark caves, big cities and much more!::

::Be the hero with...::


The only thing I wish is more of this nreality stuff. - Schaaf

The pack is narrative and atmospheric super. - Nevershine

I like the storytelling concept, and most importantly, it's fun. - Bufar

This pack seems unique. - Nevershine

I think, your maps will be popular. - Aldaric

This is the most fun I have ever had playing a map pack. -PALEMOON

Favourite authors:
Schaaaf [] Mate, I owned you this link so long, you always supported me, here it is.
Nevershine [] is cool.
Chrdrenkmann [] has earned more attention. I know him from a game called "Crazy Machines(2)"
PALEMOON []. There`s a big discussion about popularity around him, but thuis guy featured two of my maps, so I`m loyal forever.
Losttortuga [] made and makes fantastic tilesets. Sadly he`s not much active any more.

And those seven awesome guys tested my mappack:
bufar []
OneSevenNine []
Gods_Reaper []
rozer []
nevershine []
Aldaric []
schaaaf []

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Cursed Estate Before you think I was dead... Chinese garden Castle Defense Show me all your skills. White Christmas Blues