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Author krusch
Tags author:krusch bitesized n-art rated
Created 2006-01-04
Last Modified 2006-01-04
by 34 people.
Map Data

Description Here, my first n-art.
Added some apples.
This is really just a colour experiment, I was trying to make green and I think it worked out great.
I hope it inspires some people.

Oh and, it only really works in the thumbnail : /

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well crap

it didnt work i did the whole drag N around by holding shift and bloodied him up a bit. it didnt transfer to the demo tho. Godd*mnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My demo is funnier

i had fun with N on this one. ned is wonderfully sick and twisted by allowing me to do this.
Demo Data

Actually ..

.. it took me quite a long while to NaN all those drones and to make the tileset nice. :)

Funny Demo

I want an apple... OWWWWWW!!! Medic! Medic!
Demo Data
I mean it must of maxed out at a four minute map
I mean getting green is cool, but wtf!!!
I would give it maximum a 3/5


I disagree, ben.
This map is over-rated like so many others on NUMA at the moment, it sickens me to no end when I see n-arts with straight 5s.
It really does.


i like simple stuff like this. nice job.

honestly krusch!

4.5??? what is numa coming to?
thanks. i think i can make something cool now...
thanks. i think i can make something cool now...


its amazing how you did the green


the green Is a cool effect. 5/5


Yeah, the green looks awesome, just add more!


Nice art.


I was hoping to get people to be more experimental with their n-art.
I might try some more new things..


I love the way you've mixed green. Maybe you could expand this?