Jungle Warfare

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n dronie-nom ibanrace nreality race rated two-year
Created 2010-12-30
Last Modified 2012-12-30
by 26 people.
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Description My two year anniversary map. Also a landmark map that isn’t a Nart.

First Year Dedications:
Jawbit []
Technochocolate []

Second Year Dedications:
Destiny []
Inspired []

Hoping you enjoy,

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Very nice race

I just wish it wasn't so damn hard.

What a race

5aved. Love it


didnt realise you are now a reviewer congratz my frend!! :P
is because you jump off the launchpad in the top left. In that part I used to have a 5 tile, but I found that by jumping off the wall you'd run into that drone. So I changed it into a half a one-way to make the fall down straight but the jump off it impossible. I guess it wasn't as impossible as I thought :P


I can't pass this drone... I'm really too fast.
I'm a little dissapointed because I get the start very fast.
Demo Data

I was going to make

An epic Fbf demo on this race but the rocket always kill me, I think I'm too fast...
Demo Data
the awesome of this stage.
It has the awesome.
It is the awesome.

The colors do go well together, and I liked the minimal background. Playing stages that have complex images can be a pain, but the whole color scheme of the stage worked really well. Definitely 5aved.

Acward start but the rest was fantastic, 4.9/5 rounded up


@mistalker: The image background could have been better probably, but overall I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I think this is one of the better, if not best image work I've done. I put a lot more effort into it.. and I didn't just hash out all the other images as well. The downer here could have been the background, as I said, but overall I like it.

@koipen: The enemies were hard to make, but I thought they were plenty exciting. The rockets provided plenty of close calls of different varieties (like flying right over one with the launchpad in the top section, or racing one through the bottom right as it came down, etc.) And the drones covered some fair ground too.. my favorite part of them is the jump off the trap doors in the bottom section where they both are rising upwards. Also I like flying over it when leaving the top left area.

@destiny: You're comments mean a lot to me, and I'm especially glad you've been liking my recent races. When I started to make races I tried focusing on flow (which wasn't that great) but I sacrificed aesthetics. Now I work on aesthetics as I go.. a nice strategy I think. But I appreciate your comments as they are thorough and complete, you definitely deserve the ded :)

@Inspired: Speaking of those deserving of deds, you rock too. You're a cool guy, and while with races I go to destiny, I go to you with Narts.. and I appreciate it just as much :)

@zthing: Green gold might have been cool, but my favorite colors are forest green, dark brown, and bright gold exactly as it appears here incidentally. ;) One of the reasons why I think this is one of my better images (see @mistalker)

@EveryoneElse: Many of you deserve deds, and several of you stand out as admirably over most. I wanted just 4 deds here though, because I dislike maps with deds to 50 people :P But anyways thanks for rating, commenting, and being great these past two years.
Awesome images and gameplay. :D
5/5 and faved. :)
This was an awesome race. Everything Destiny said stands. I just wish the gold was green too. ;D
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Thanks! :D

You are a cool guy.

This is incredible

The flow just got better as it went on. The image was totally overpowering but not obstructive - the flow was no less clear because of it, which is great.

I hope you make more maps of the quality you've put into your last two.
Demo Data

This is amazing!

4/5 and faved!!


A cool race. But it felt kind of boring in terms of enemies. There were few drone spots and the two rockets but often there was no pressure to keep you going.

The flow was standard as excepted. Some cool jumps. One launchpad didn't work quite flowly as I would have wanted.

But in the end it is a solid race so 4/5

I like the map.

But the image really could be much better. I found that it was way too plain and the shadows aren't that good + they're quite off.
But as I said - I like the map. That's more important than the image, but when you try to go with an image, you're going to have to be rated on that as well. 4/5.


tiles and image fit together very good i think^^

speed run >:3

Also, I do love parts of this, however I always find drones in a race way too punishing (one slip up and the drone timing will be out)
Demo Data

Holy shit...

This is fucking amazing.

I especially love how these drones look.

10/5 if I could.


witch showed me that the map is better that I thought
I mean I love nreality and those close calls
oh.. and the drone timing was awesome to :D


Thanks <3
Demo Data

omg demo please!!!

looks and fells incredible!
love you'r maps 5/5