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I'm 19 year old and I live in Belgium (French), my english is not perfect.
I play N, Super Meat boy, VVVVVV wich are for me the 3 best platformer i've ever played.
Also Trackmania, Shootmania and Minecraft.
I once made a video [] showing the basis of N through bluebretzel's level.
I make some electronic music [] from time to time.
I've a Tumblr [] were I post kool stuffs I made or thoughs etc.


Some are good, some are bad, some are just ideas.

Da_guru make me a Ded map [] for the contest TWC we made together.
He is an awesome guy.

races [].
"I See Squarish Cloud In The Sky" was nominated to the dronies but didn't win one, then got featured.
Image-maps []
DDA based on original concept. [].
N-art (not drawing, just design idea) [].

I've began a series called Reality ?! []in a minimalist style which is telling a little story about N.
I will maybe, one day, make more...

Anyways i've lot of action maps or other style.

People who are kool:
- Mistalker06
- Deep_blue
- Blue_Pretzel
- Da_guru
- Avatar_Fanatic
- Chrdrenkmann
- Firetamer2
- zoasBE

If you read all, play my maps, comment and rate them, I will love you. Forever.

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