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Greetings!! :D

One of my best maps []

I'm 18 years old, I play the piano and I'm currently attending college. I love music, I love my own music, I generally just love music. It brings me great happiness! :)

My band is called Tea Trees ( - we'll have music up for download once school doesn't take up as much time as it does now)

New favourite map of mine: The Importance of Being Earnest []

Completed the 200th episode. That's nReality!

Until now... my

This was after Sunset took a journey back through my maps... There were originally 89 maps with unread comments, but I copied a demo and the screenshot got lost. :(

Check these five!
Love Is A Carnival [] - Adventure
No Playtesting Required [] - Puzzly action
Anywhere Between Dust and Drones [] - Adventure
Pipelines Flow, Fishies Swim [] - nReality Adventure
Never Saw A Plant Spit [] - Adventurous action

Mepisodes []
Chambertoes []
MistSimple []
Changing Weather []

My nReality Maps
Miststalker06's nReality Maps []

Favourite authors:
Chume14 []
Kaylab []
Furry_Ant []
ChrisE []
Nphasis []
FBF []
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ultimatereading []

Favourite maps of my own (Top20):
What A Difference A Drone Made [] - Timing map
Everything Seems To Churn! (200th) [] - Adventure map
Sunset at the Beach [] - Challenge map
Victoria As She Reached The Star [] - Fast map
Mysteries of the Marsh [] - Adventure map
Gold-Paved Floor And Gigantic Ice-Cream [] - Adventure map
Tornadoes Over Dry Land [] - Adventure map
Vial of Eternity [] - Adventure map
Mon Cæur S'ouvre À Ta Voix [] - Sky adventure map
Insignificant Matters [] - Adventure map
Snowfall Behind Sunny Palms [] - Fast map
It's Long And Hard And Full Of Seamen [] - Adventure map
Did You Say Burial Site? [] - Adventure map
Smoking Is Bad For You [] - Adventure map
Stardust Fills The Ruins [] - Adventure map
Exo-politics [] - Puzzly adventure map
The Mighty Jungle [] - First adventure map
Little House on the Hill [] - Fast map
O.R.M.C.O. ® Z-pak elastics [] Adventure map
Fanta Exotic [] - Drone follow map


The one owning the other guy knows who he is. Actually, he has got a DED from me one time. It was an "ask a dumb question - get a dumber answer" forum topic, which was going on.

Loving music.
Loving pianos.
Loving the Adobe Series.
Loving the Apple products.
Loving my hair.
Loving NUMA.
Loving pool.
Loving randomness.
Loving weekends.
Loving boarding school.
Loving toothbrushes and elbowbricksticklovers?
Loving places where you can relax.
Loving spacy shit.

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