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I first found N in sixth grade, when a friend showed it to me. He and I played it (using boss mode amply) under the watchful eye of our school librarian. Eventually, someone else found the game, and soon the whole school was playing.

After the game was blocked from the school district server, I didn't get to play that much. Eventually, I got the game onto my computer at home (no internet). I shot through episodes 0 through 84 in no time. I spent the time in between (something like five years) designing my own stages.

I loved coming up with my own maps sooo much, that when our home computers finally got dial-up, I happily submitted all 14 of my stages (and then read the rules on spamming...). You can guess what happened next. I was banned from N, and I still didn't know why. After talking with one of the administrators, I was hooked back up, and I have never submitted more than two stages a day since.

EDIT: I beat N! Now for Legacy...

As I've made more and more stages, I've discovered my own sort of style. I can't simply create a stage; I have to come up with some pattern or design, and then I create the leve based off of that. You'll notice that most of my maps are puzzles or mazes. (This is partly related to a psychological disorder I have; obsessive compulsive personality).

If you have actually bothered to read through all of this, then thank you! Please RCE, and even UAC if you want to!

My favorite designers are:
-Origami Alligator
-and some others who I've probably momentarily forgotten (if you'd like to thinkso, you can say that it was your maps I've forgotten!)

I'd love to do a collab with someone who has a better sense of action maps than myself, because I have trouble designing a map without a theme. My email is, and you can usually find me at around 4 to 8 pm (Pacific Standard Time).

I beat N several years ago. I don't realy visit this site any more, but I'll make a random stage every so often...

Holy cow, I haven't done anything here in forever! My profile is soo old. Guess I'll leave it for now. I'm back for a short stop here, but I can't guarantee that I'll post maps indefinitely for ever after whatever.

Listening to:
Tokyo Police Club
The Shins
The Strokes
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Okami (Third Time)
Wind Waker (Second Time)
Red Steel 2 (Second Time)
Minish Cap (Third Time)
Cave Story (Third Time)
CoD: WaW, MW, and BO (Prestige)
Ocarina of Time (Master Quest)
Starfox 64 (going for best run)

Skyward Sword
Moving in with my BF

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