A want to land

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n nreality unrated
Created 2010-12-15
Last Modified 2010-12-15
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Description Very old experiment with nreality mods (two ninja, one rocket). Disabled ratings because I wanted to :P

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Demo Data

Are you still in?

There are some others waiting, and so I wanted to know if you still wanted to do it, as you have not replied.
But anyway, about the collab. This is going to be a three person collab (Rdy-kun is going to be in this), and probably, as I have said, a puzzle.

Tell me what you think of this. []
This is what we were thinking to base the map on.
Message me on the forums when you've had a look. I can't wait :D

it's perfect!

really, it is! great job bro! <3

aight bro

I'm here for about 2 more hours. maybe more, if I get to stay on long enough.