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<n0_ma11y> 1/3 is 0.33 redundant, right?
<puffinMcgooser> sure...
<n0_ma11y> 2/3 is 0.66 redundant, right?
<puffinMcgooser> yeah, but where are you going with this?
<n0_ma11y> hold up, 3/3= 1.0 right?
<puffinMcgooser> yeah...
<n0_ma11y> well what the fuck! It's supposed to be 0.99 redundant! >:|
<puffinMcgooser> o_o' I'm worried about you.
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I like
this--> Nreality/races/puzzles/rediculusly-awsome-moves-that-i-couldn't-hope-to-preform
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I like cats
I like N
I like games
I like girls
I like pie/food/bevreges (cream sodaaaaaaa!!)
I like hallaween
I hate scary movies
I hate no links e.g.--->http/
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I ca'tn sple wlel.
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also, i am almost a young as terraza i'm 13. young i know. immiture no.
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There should be one right here but i can't find link.


I made-->

I'm a very freindly person, so chances are Im going to be your freind, If not, then fuck off :D jk
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================My Best Maps===============
This one is an Nreality only compleatly modded map.
This one is An area-trigger and fun map.
This one is rated the best, also has lots of mods
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