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This is just a little pile of things that I can't favourite (due to the messed up favouriting system)/messages to myself/coolthings:


now onto the main:
Stuff that made me smile:
-Aphex. you are cool ~ChaoStar
--Aphex! Faster! ~Squibbles
---Gaphex ~Bionic Cryonic
----Heyphex ~Squibbles
-----SPACEPHEX ~Leaff
------Phexasaurus ~Leaff
-------Aphexxx, you're a remarkably cool dude. ~SlappyMcgee
--------blasting through the gauss room was fun. Getting shot in the face was not. ~Jawbit
---------I have the same birthday as this dude []
----------"Palemoon; Chicks Swoon" ahah, that is going to be my tagline from now on :3 ~PALEMOON
----------- i am a person of insanely high culture and talk about it ON THE INTERNET ~PALEMOON
About me
I'm 15 16 17 (yeah... I've been here a while xD), live in england, studying english literature, history, maths and ICT.

My avatar is from the anime "cowboy bebop". Go watch it.

I started playing N ages ago, and completed the game before I started mapping. I joined numa in december '08. I don't think I have a style, but I might be wrong.

Anyway, please take an adventure into my jungle of maps. Like any mapper I love to get (constructive) critisism, so play some of my maps, and then flame them till your heart is content.

I'm on irc a lot, though I'm almost never in #n. You'll usually find me having a giggle on #moa.

I have never created a map I am 100% happy with, and I don't think I ever will. Not that my maps are terrible, it's just... I can always improve :3

I love almost every type of music, and since joining the metanet community my music taste has expanded dramtically. I also love films, anime and (some) TV. I love books, but I don't get much time to read :/

In terms of maps, I love epic maps that take ages to complete. I have no idea why I like being extremely fustrated >:3
Awesome Mappers/People/Facehuggers
Jawbit []- This dude always seems to be happy, not only that, he makes fantastic maps! (and has an awesome profile)
Leaff []- full name: leaff "collab" awesomson
DW40 []- A huge range of styles, he's made some of my favourite minejumpers
furry_ant []- Me and him are beach buddies. He makes "pretty maps".
gloomp []- Experimental mapper extrodinnaire
sidke []- A toasted marshmellow face with some neat maps
chaostar []- His maps feel like they're crumbling apart as you jump between ledges, plus he's an arstar veteran
Bio []- Like sandpaper to some, to me he's awesome though n_n
-LordOfPeanuts- []- Wow. Just wow.
brainstone []- I don't think you can call what he makes maps, they're so much more than that.
Mericet []-;_;
pocketchange []- Very nice maps :P []- :D:DD:D:D
My collabs:
Mcfizzle []
Chaostar []
1st Leaff []
2nd Leaff []
Eganic []
Pheidi []
Furry []
Best of Aphex (in chronological order) [] my first map, it's here just for those interested [] my third map, my first decent map [] my first rated map, inspired by a PALEMOON mecha map [] mmm, a tasty ego map :P [] "Race, meet puzzle" [] 1v1 against a crazed chaingun [] Cavern of gold, watch out for the electric spiders! [] My first moa rejection.. {sniff} they grow up so fast [] The dawn of my concept maps [] "multi-exit awesomeness" [] OH NOES! A FACEHUGGER! [] It's so kyoot! :3 [] "Laser charging, please stand clear of the path of the beam" [] The title is an anagram! It's also fun :P [] Multiple paths = lottsa fun! [] Buzz buzz buzz, I'm a drone [] Armed Pacifist trilogy [] Drone Lure trilogy [] Scary Adventure [] One of my few open maps [] l_d thumbed up the drones [] One of those nreality maps [] I like this [] A little ugly... But good [] Palemoon liked it. I like it. [] Remix of my first map / Birthday map [] Collab between me and eganic [] A journey round and round (on floating rocks) [] My 100th [] One of the best remixes I've made [] I made a pretty and playable map :O [] Some seriously supersonic sights seen by taking a thwump cannon [] Chainguns! I love 'em <3 [] EpisodiCaverns! [] Dive down! Dub Dance! Laser! [] Remix of a furry_ant map [] Something I found in my mountain of .txt files [] Based on the cover art of Flying Lotus' newest album [] My Sensei entry

Demos I'm proud of (in order of completion) [] [] []

sidke: I tend to look really angry

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