The Everything Melon

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep bunny fruitsy fun quirk race rated
Created 2009-06-12
Last Modified 2009-06-12
by 11 people.
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Description 50% quirk, 50% race, 100% Bunny. Bunny styling, Bunny flow, Bunny everything.

A good old chaingun race. Enemies were surprisingly easy to do.

Yes, the Fruitsy series is there. I'mma add to the three best series that I've done, Monkey, Fruitsy and Emoticons. With original styling.

Also, Political Aggression 3 is coming soon. Well, as soon as I get around to making it.

RCE. Mostly E.

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thanks =]


the races used to be way better
but destiny left []


I have had a look through your back catalogue, and yea, there's some really great stuff in there, and they do look quite varied. Reading my comments back it looks like I don't like the aesthetics as much as I do - the abstract vibe is cool. I think most of the maps I picked out for being great looking are also pretty original in their own way.

I'd agree that how the thing looks isn't as important as the gameplay, but some atmosphere definitely adds to a map. Spending time on it is worth doing, and worth commenting on and taking in to consideration when rating imo.

Anyway, I'll shuttup now, I think I've spammed up your map with quite enough talk of pretty tiles ;)

lol :P

I also looked in to the magirocker map a bit more, he collabed with that one with Losttortuga, so that explains the unbelievably awesome tiles (not that magirocker's aren't usually good).

I played this map for a while longer and had similar problems to boonie with getting repeatedly killed to death by being shot :(. The section with the thwumps mid right was really cool, but I felt placing the gauss a bit more generously would have improved things and reduced frustration.


faved. you are a truly beautiful person.
to where I had seen it before ;)

I agree with your general stance on races, btw. It's kinda mine, too, but taken from a different perspective.

So, awesome race!
Demo Data


Well, I'll give you my bit on aesthetics =D

Any style, of any kind, is subject to interpretation. Seeing as you can't please everyone, I'm not going to try. Instead I go for something which I feel is a bit more intregal to anything: originality. That's for flow and aesthetics. Wether they're "in" or not doesn't really bother me, in fact when I play a race I don't care too much about how it looks, I care about how it plays. How fun it is, gets the rating from me =D

You probably haven't known me for long enough to notice, but I've never had any consistent style for more than 3 maps. One second they're generic flowing, "in" looking maps, the next they're abstract maps that make you think, with a simple theme.

In this modern age of every second good race looking very destinyish, I strive for originality =D


Hear that bunny? 'The Master.' Bwahahaa. Not even close...

Really cool map

Way beyond me playingwise though. I might have a go at an fbf later. 4.5^.

You mentioned aesthetics, yes they're becoming a big thing in races, and that was where the deducted .5 came from ;). Destiny is the master at this imo, here's some recent examples [] []

Also a few other pretty looking races (apologies for lots of blatant advertising, if it makes it any better none of them are mine :P). None of them sacrifice playablilty for aesthetics much either, and when cool looking tiles actually blend well with the flow that makes me very happy :)

• I love wulfgang's style, this is a good example: []
• Amazing thumbnail from the GNU: []
• One from da man, very striking: []
• Riobe doing abstract, and doing it well: []
• Yungerkid: []
• My favorite of the lot, a magirocker collab: []

Also there loads of examples in the racepack.


Good night.
Demo Data
Another frame.
Demo Data


Demo Data
1 frame faster.
Demo Data

Faster demo

Decent, but still improvable.

I had a run where a chaingun shot me at 1268 frames just under the exit, so that probably would've been faster by maybe 4 or 5 frames.
Demo Data

nice race

though every time 1 of the chainguns or gauses just got me, though i was keeping to a well timed pace. Hence no demo.

otherwise i liked it 4/5 :D

First shot :P

And fastest :D

Those chainguns worked really well, good job on that. 4/5
Demo Data


Wow, styling has really moved on since me =D

I'm glad about the feeling of the race though, that's exactly what I was going for =D
I finally did this without screwing up, and I find myself three frames slower...


Anyways, the race was good and fun. I like how it didn't feel so automatic, and that you actually had to try to beat it. I didn't really like the tiles though.

Demo Data
but probably because I wasn't going fast enough according to your demo. Great race.



If screwing up, play in edit mode with demo recording on. I haven't had any problems so far doing that.
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