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Races are my style ^^

I actually have more than 20 rated maps... just a NUMA glitch.

The reason i came here, and have stayed here is because of my favourite race authors here on NUMA.
The following authors are all awesome :P
_destiny^- []
da_man894 []
etdeshon []
rit0987 []
MattyMc13 []
in_dub []
heatwave21 []
magirocker []
Riobe []
Geckos []
Yungerkid []

A special thanks to MattyMc13,rit0987,_destiny^- and GNOTHERGNU for always taking the time to comment on my maps.

I'm always happy to collab with someone,
so if you'd like to, just hit me up on the forums.
I just might take a coupla days to reply though.

The following maps are all my collabs to date.

Brainwash [] with Geckos

Laconia [] with da_man894

Distortion [] with GNOTHERGNU

A State of Disarray [] with MattyMc13

Erotomania [] with etdeshon

Underground dictatorship [] with rit0987

Unearthed [] with GRN

Gold N Labyrinth [] with im_bad_at_N

Moonlit Skies [] with etdeshon

That's about my whole NUMA story told.
any comments/rates would be much appreciated and won't go unoticed.

Oh... also, if your from Australia. you rock!!

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