The Flango Wango Tango

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep bunnylicious delightful flowing funnish race rated
Created 2009-05-28
Last Modified 2009-05-28
by 13 people.
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Description Original tiles by KK:

Whacked around a hugely amount. Came out quite decently. Enemies should work fine, except for the occasional misfire from a gauss at the top, but that should be about 1 in a 100. Demo will be posted on Nreality when I get around to it.

RCE and all that shizz.

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I liked it, apart from the gold, which was... not so hot.

4/5 ^^
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had you just stolen the tile motif, and used it in a race of entirely your own devising. this one felt a little bland and forced. but i liked the original tileset.


is so much better than any race i've seen in the last three months.

this is awesome

im so happy ur back : )
but the tiles were nice and it was fun.
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I got super excited because your other level where you whacked around a tileset is one of my favorite races and I love playing it over and over again... I felt this one was a bit more boring. I still loved it though :)
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1 mess up but i sorted that out and survived

i remember your old maps!!!!
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Solid fun

But the flow felt very generic, I was hoping for something slightly more interesting.

I personally had a fair bit of trouble with the lasers which is probably my fault, but kind of irritated me regardless.

Still a deserving 3, it's put together with skill.
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Thanks guys!

I'm pretty happy with the tiles myself.

awesome stuff

and love the tiles...even more than the original.
5/5 and agd
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i was too scared to keep running... :(

so i turned around and completed it instead...
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demo here, and on Nreality.
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my races are bad too so no demo from me either
but its a good map

hi sheeps

cant do races very well, so no demo from me
Haven't completed it without dying yet, but very nice race (I like the tiles!).