The Final Run: Part 2

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep bunnylicious race rated tfr
Created 2008-09-07
Last Modified 2008-09-07
by 22 people.
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Description So, here we have the second part of my ending. I like this one. It's not incredibly special, but, I like it. I was trying to go for a mostly rockets map, and I got that.

Nowadays, when I look at the race section, I feel like crying. When I was a noob, and I went onto the newest section for races, 8/10 maps there would be worth playing, and about 4 of them would be worth at least a 4. Now, it's a hell of a lot less. God, I miss Marijn and Psycho_co and The_adster and r_t and epigone and frogs. When they were still making races, it was worthwhile playing them. Now, all of that brilliance is gone.

I would just like to get one thing straight with you new race makers; if you make a map which consists mostly of 1 tiles, it doesn't make it abstract. Play "Minus the Bear" by frogs, and you'll see what abstract is.

RCE, demo included

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just... wow


Are you still working on the mappack mentioned on your profile page?

still play?

like your avatar

you are continuing with this series, aren't you?


was making.

something happened, and i lost the files. Nevermind, I'm not very into n anymore
i just like to go through them sometimes...

Also - what kind of pack are you making?


what's wrong with that?


you faved your own map?!?!?


B3n saw it.

Thanks for the comment!


I liked it, although I'm new-gen

I made you a map..

After reading that rant of yours haha


Did you RCE my map for you?

I can give you a Ded, or an RCE...



So smooth!

i didnt expect it from such a route. Genius.

Also, i think you're worrying too much about the whole race thing that's going on atm, there are plenty of good race mappers for now, i mean - there's you, me, da_man, yungerkid, riobe is getting there, and calamity7 came back too. There are probably more that i havent named, but in my opinion, things are looking alright for the moment. Although, there is definately a serious lack of styles, everyone seems to make them the same nowadays.

Also, come back to the pack! We have like, 6 people in now.
Demo Data




I couldn't name all the awesome people in the description, it'd take too long. =D

Pure awesome

I too miss the old days, but if a map like this can still come around once in a while, I'm happy
No demo; it's been like 4 years since I beat MTI, so I'm a little rusty


Not bad. It needs a little work on the aesthetics. 3/5
Demo Data
Awesome, 4. Initially I was sceptical about all of the mines but they really work. Nice. 4.
When you started about race maps being bad these days I had like. No way!
But now I have seen this I think, Yes way! :D.

5aved to hard for me though.
And also to much for my pc to handle. :(.


@yungerkid: I'm up for all critisism, positive or otherwise. Thanks.
@Cheesepuffs: I don't go on numa much, hence the lack of commenting.


Those jumps up the 4 tiles actually happen to be one of my favorite types of jumps.


Really great race, 5aved. Everything about this map is of very high quality, especially the enemy timing.
Demo Data

but bunniesandsheep

if the race maps really suck, please at least comment in them and say why they aren't up to your expectations. Instead of just whining about them. I haven't seen very many constructive comments from you (actually in a quick look through I haven't seen ANY in the past 2 pages!), and it would probably help to have come feedback from you, instead of just complaints.

I don't know...

I like the originality in this race but I hate HATE the jumps where you go up the 4 tiles. That should be a racemaking sin or something. Other than that its a fun, interesting race and its nice having these every once in a while. 4/5


this just....well...lacked luster. it lacked the magic. ehhh...i appreciate the spirit, and it was a lot better than all the other "innovative" junk around here, wasn't too great. nothing really special about it. no great innovations. and really, how many innovations can there be? we only have so many tiles, we only have so many objects to work with. i won't rate this, because i can't rate it a 2.5. it's average imho. sorry if this came off a little negative :/




"If the rest of the series is as epic as the first two this could rival d-elemental! "

Thanks man, I just saw this, MUCH appreciated.
I'll try get back to you both ASAP =D


I apologize.
I think if it like magi-rocker
when people say magicrocker I think magi-crocker which makes me think of those crock-pots.


But I still lack style. Maybe I'll make airtime my thing. :)

As for this, I agree with magicrocker. 5aved


I love this so much. I had been waiting fervently for the second one of these and now I'm waiting again for the third. I liked the last one but I think I'm gonna go fave it now inspired by this awesome insanity.

It was really hard for me cause of the jumps that needed a lot of control but I loved aaalmost every single bit of it tremendously (I didn't like the chimney-ish part on the left, it felt incomplete.

If the rest of the series is as epic as the first two this could rival d-elemental!

also, yeah, races are so lame nowadays, there aren't tons of good race makers and they don't post very often, while there are lots of noob races, so a very little percentage of the new races are great
Demo Data


I agree, and I wish I was around back then :(

(sorry for contributing to the crappy generic races lol)

btw, are we still working on that collab?


well...where to start?


fun all the way. Nice map.