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Figured I'd update this because something.

Quick Links:


General Info:

  • I have been playing n on and off since 2005, and actively highscoring/speedrunning since 2007. I joined NUMA in mid 2008, although that would've been sooner had it not been for a glitch with email validations at the time.

  • I am primarily a speedrunner, but I will make the occasional highscore too. All of my runs posted here are created in real time. I never have nor will post a demo created in fbf or underclock mode. (This does not mean I won't ever use them, just that I won't post a run in which I do)

  • I have no idea when I beat n... I think it was sometime in 2009..? I also haven't really bothered to beat all of the NReality columns (110's), but I'll probably get around to that someday...

  • I am usually willing to playtest a map, and am pretty good at finding possible cheats or unintended routes. If you want me to check if your map is cheatable, feel free to ask.



  • Metanet-esque [] — A set of maps made to represent those found in the main game, both in gameplay and aesthetics.

  • Simple-Challenge-esque [] — A set of short and often difficult maps designed to not only test your skills like a normal simple challenge, but also to teach you new tricks you can use for highscoring and speedrunning.

  • At-Night [] — A set of race maps, all of which were finished at the time in the title. This series has been inactive for some time, but I may pick it up again.

  • Enemy-combination-experiments [] — A set of maps featuring unpopular and/or uncommon combinations of enemies in order to help determine whether or not those enemies can be used well together in a map.

  • notaseriousmap [] — A set of maps I made just for the hell of it -- they may or may not be terrible.


Currently Running Contests:



Reccomended Mappers: (In alphabetical order)

Note: The following are all people who I personally find to not only have/had a unique and solid grasp of mapping, but have also been an excellent source of inspiration. It is very difficult to get on this list, so don't feel too bad if you're not on it.

  • astheoeansblue (atob) [] — Inactive for some time now, but had a keen understanding of the balance of aesthetic and playable qualities necessary to create a great map. Be sure to read his map theory [].

  • Barabajagal [] — Although his maps may not be as aesthetically complex as some of the other mappers' here, they possess a high degree of gameplay barely rivaled by any other.

  • Cooby [] — One of the members of the Mirage [] collab team. Although he is not very active, his maps often featured interesting concepts while delivering quality aesthetics. Creator of my personal favorite map, Procrastination [].

  • PALEMOON [] — Back! His maps often present a high quality, unique kind of gameplay accompanied by a quirky aesthetic style.

  • Pheidippides (pheidi) [] — Much like atob, has a keen understanding of the importance of balancing gameplay and aesthetics.

  • tktktk [] — One of the few whose maps possess a level of gameplay that truly rivals Barabajagal's. Occasionally highscores as well.


Other notable people: (In alphabetical order)

This list is probably incomplete. If you or someone else are not on here and feel like you/they should be, let me know and I'll send you a survey and questionnaire asking why you should be on my profile probably add you/them.

  • Aideria [] — Formerly known as Life247. Good mapper and friend.

  • amomentlikethis (amlt) [] — Fellow highscorer/speedrunner and creator of many episodic maps.

  • arachnid [] — Creator of NUMA.

  • Arctic_Pony (AP, Pony) [] — Good friend and highscorer. Meta's alt names: Frigid mini horse, Young horse of the upper frigid region. (And other variations thereof)

  • BionicCryonic (Bio) []Friend. Mapper. Good at math. Sometimes has a short temper. Goes by BFG9K or BFG10K on IRC.

  • blackson [] — Good mapper; one of the members of Mirage [].

  • blue_tetris (b_t, dave) [] — Makes maps suitable for the new n player.

  • bluntmasta — Does nothing with n, but is a friend who I seem to have dragged in from another IRC network, and has become a part of the Metanet IRC community. Has his own IRC network.

  • Brttrx [] — Unique mapper and often tells interesting stories on IRC. One of the members of Mirage.

  • cerberus[] [] — Relatively inactive but his maps often feature a high degree of gameplay and aesthetics.

  • Chrdrenkmann [] — Pumps out episodic maps at an unhuman rate.

  • ChrisE [] — Good friend and also a mapper. Who'd've guessed!?

  • cucumber_boy [] — Friend. Former founder of #n-highscores, and creates several episodic maps. Creator of TNCC (The NReality Column Competition) which was a contest designed for users to, as the name suggests, create NReality maps which would be featured as a column in a future version of NReality. We have yet to see that column. NReality mappers - be sure to check out Modmaster []. Known as kkstrong on IRC. Meta's error name: ksktrong.

  • dejablue4 [] — Has created a number of unique races. Currently goes by MidnightGetaway []. Member of Mirage

  • DemonzLunchBreak [] — Much like blackson, is a good mapper and a member of Mirage.

  • _destiny^- [] — Not very active lately, but has created some great races.

  • EddyMataGallos (Eddy) [] — Fellow highscorer. Fluent in spanish. (which region? I'm not sure...)

  • eganic [] — Doesn't seem to be active anymore, but made some interesting maps and commented on my maps a lot.

  • eiturlyf [] — Inactive for some time. Famous for creating several username tilesets.

  • evil_bob [] — Has created several unique puzzle and NReality maps.

  • Etothetaui []/Traveleravi [] — Good friend and mapper. Also good at math. Additionally, e^τi = 1.

  • fireburnsfree (fbf) [] — Honestly not sure if he's around or not anymore, as he's gone by several names. Good friend, and one of the first people to comment on my maps. (known as crazyfly at the time)

  • flagmyidol (flag) [] — Current administrator of NUMA. His profile contains an extensive list of good mappers and people. (From which I am mysteriously absent... =r)

  • fonda [] — New user. Although his (her?) maps may not yet be great, seems to be one of the few serious new mappers around.

  • furry_ant (furry) [] — Haven't really talked to him much, but makes some good maps.

  • ganteka [] — Not really active anymore, but was a pretty good mapper. Pretty sure he used to frequent IRC as well.

  • Geej15 [] — Haven't seen him around lately, but was a good friend when he was here.

  • Gods_Reaper [] — See Geej15.

  • godless [] — Good friend and fellow musician.

  • golfkid (golf) [] — Good friend and fellow highscorer. As far as I know, engaged to ninja143. Meta's error name: glof.

  • Guitar_Hero_Matt (GTM) [] — Friend. Good mapper. Doesn't seem to be around too often.

  • Harveyy [] — Friend. Good player. Understands that aesthetics alone do not make a good map.

  • Infernus [] — Fellow highscorer. Highscores as dan_k iirc.

  • Izzy [] — Haven't seen him on IRC lately, but is a good friend and fellow highscorer.

  • jasdanu [] — Not too active, but a friend and fellow simple challenge maker.

  • Kablizzy (Blizz) [] — Plays an important role in the community, particularly on the forums and IRC.

  • Kaprekar [] — Friend. Relatively new; her maps are pretty fun.

  • karmap0lice [] — Usually creates short maps. Is pretty good at n, too.

  • KinGAleX [] — Owner(?) of the current IRC network. Makes some unusual maps. Pretty good at n.

  • kool-aid (kool) [] — Good friend, excellent speedrunner/highscorer, and current founder of #n-highscores and #n-mapping

  • kryX-orange (kryX) [] — Although once created several cheated runs, is an excellent speedrunner / highscorer rivaled only by kool-aid. Seldom pops into IRC.

  • Leaff [] — Possibly the youngest user here. Friend. Stopped by not too long ago. Meta's error name: Lef

  • lightning55 [] — Haven't seen him around lately. Friend and collab partner for a round of It Takes Two.

  • lord_day (l_d) [] — Stops by every once in a while. Good mapper and player.

  • lsudny (Suds) [] — Friend and mapper. Goes by glass_arm on IRC.

  • macrohenry [] — Great highscorer out of nowhere.

  • mahi_mahi [] — Good mapper. RadiumFalcon's cousin.

  • mammaletto (mam) [] — Good highscorer. Makes some interesting maps. Harveyy's brother.

  • Mare — One of the creators of N. Has a profile here but it would be pointless to link to as she doesn't really do anything with NUMA.

  • Maxson924 (Maxson, Rose) [] — Friend. Good mapper. Can often be found on IRC. Please make sure everyone gets along.

  • Mohamedraif [] — Good friend and fellow highscorer. Has worked extensively with TRO to break n down to its core. Literally writes demos []. Currently goes by Raif [].

  • msyjsm [] — Inactive for some time now. Was a friend, good player, and made some odd maps. I have no idea how to pronounce his name... "missy jizzum" is my best guess.

  • NachoCheese [] — Creates interesting NReality concepts.

  • Ninja_Matt (Matt) [] — Good friend whose just started coming back to IRC recently. I swear he was listed here before.

  • OutrightOJ (OJ, OOJ) [] — Good friend and highscorer. Meta's alt names: plain and simple orange juice, down to earth, no bullshit orange juice. (And other variations thereof)

  • paradox-dragon (dox, paradox) [] — Friend. Occasionally highscores. Creator and owner of Box on IRC.

  • RadiumFalcon [] — Everybody's other favorite radioactive material now in flying form! Friend and good mapper. Cousin of mahi_mahi. Apparently is leaving soon.

    RandomDigits (Ardee) [] — 17817589 817512 781891 28 7815289158. Also, friend.

  • raigan - Co-creator of n along with Mare.

  • Riobe [] — Good mapper and friend. Makes some great races, and his maps overall typically feature high aesthetic quality. Meta's error name: Ribne.

  • romaniac [] (remm) — Good friend, highscorer, and mapper. Usually on IRC but doesn't seem to have been on NUMA lately. May be bigoted towards Romanians No association with Romania, despite what his name might suggest.

  • rozer [] — Friend. Is quite good at fbf. Fun to beat in real time. =P

  • Seneschal (Sen) [] — Friend and good mapper. Formely known as cheesemonger.

  • ShortShift [] — Good mapper and member of Mirage. Haven't seen him around recently.

  • Sidke [] — This is by no means an exhaustive list of Sidke:
    Sidke [] Sidke [] Sidke [] Sidke [] (now) Sidke.
    His profile title is an understatement.

  • ska [] — Good higscorer and friend. Usually submits runs as ben_schultz (sp?)

  • SkyRay [] — Hasn't been active lately as far as I'm aware. Was a friend and good mapper.

  • Sockmonkey (Socky) [] — Not very active. Made some odd maps. Frequently idles on IRC. Got me started with msl. (mIRC scripting language)

  • Squibbles [] — Friend, good mapper, and I'm pretty sure I've collab'd with him a few times.

  • StonedEagle [] — Good friend and fellow highscorer. Not around very often though.

  • Sunset []— Friend and good mapper.

  • teraza [] — Haven't seen him on recently. Friend and seems to like my maps. Also went by Tileset_Maker.

  • TheKitchenSink [] — Created several tiny maps known as "micro-maps". Probably started the 3x3 craze.

  • therealone (TRO) [] — Good friend and fellow highscorer. Haven't see him around lately, but when he was active he worked extensively with Raif to strip the workings of n and its gameplay to the core. Co-creator of Cheatproof! Ha! Nothing is cheatproof! [], the only featured simple challenge at this time. Name should, as the shortened version suggests, be read as The Real One.

  • toasters [] — I don't think he's been around lately. Friend and very good mapper. Also that thing you use to heat bread, bagels, etc. and make them crispy.

  • ToeFaceKiller [] — Great highscorer, and has been known to show up on IRC every now and then.

  • Tunco123 (Tunco, Tunc) [] — Friend, occasional mapper, occasional highscorer. Goes by Tunc on IRC.

  • Unreality [] — Creator of NReality []. Is usually busy with his real job, so isn't around very often.

  • vankusss [] — Friend. Excellent highscorer. Pillow in Slovakian. yellow wins?. That's three "s"s. Meta's error name: vnaavn. Meta's alt names: Plusvan (when voiced), Ambulance (when voiced)

  • Viil [] — Friend. Probably still waiting for me to beat his double launchpad walljump [lpwj] challenge...

  • Wizard2 [] — Makes some unique races sometimes.

  • wulfgang [] — See Wizard2.

  • wumbla [] — Haven't seen him around lately. Was a friend and frequently commented on my maps.

  • Xaelar (Xela) [] — Possibly the most well known highscorer. Made some excellent runs, but hasn't been active lately as far as I know.

  • yungerkid [] — Haven't seen him around lately, but was a friend and made some good maps.

  • Zaros1234 [] — My brother. Hardly plays n, but has made a few maps.

  • ZivilynBane [] — Created some amazing tilesets.

  • zoasBE (zoas) [] — Friend. Fluent in spanish. Has a collab account, insatiable [], and a "micro-map" account, VODKALOVER [].

  • 1211 (trance) [] — Friend, speedrunner, and mapper. Don't stare into his eyes, lest you be subject to his every whim. @_@

  • 123leonidas321 [] — Friend. Who came in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd? 4th place; So sorry, better luck next time.

  • 999_springs (zap) [] — Friend and occasional highscorer. Was able to figure out how demo data works and how to reverse engineer it. Goes by Zapmeister999 on IRC.

Once Again, feel free to let me know if you believe that you or someone should be on this list.


I will probably add more stuff to this later.


Recent Maps

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