The Final Run: Part 1

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep bunnylicious fun race rated tfr
Created 2008-07-24
Last Modified 2008-07-24
by 18 people.
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Description Disclaimer: To play this map, you must be able to double jump off the side of bounceblocks. Also, WATCH THE DEMO FIRST

I've been on numa a long time. Not as long as many, but I'm practically the last guy around here who made good races back when In_dub was around, and still makes them now. Now, when I look at the newest race page, it's nothing like looking at it half a year ago. Half a year ago, out of every 10, I could usually find one race worth a 4.5 or a 5. Not now though. Everything's generic, and boring. So, as I leave numa with my final series, I'm going to make some original races. They may not be the best you've ever played, but I hope that some of the new race makers will get some ideas.

So I bring you this map. It's not especially long, but I tried to make it more original then these races that you see all the time now. I hope you guys get some enjoyment out of playing this.

To davidafett. I don't know why.

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and it's awesomeness, and accidentally got the fastest demo without realizing.
Demo Data

I'm still around.

Just finishing off the enemy timing on my second map in this series.

Also, I've just been on a 3 day holiday, so I was away =D


Yeah, I'm wondering that too.
Here's a faster AGD, by the way.
Demo Data
it's been so long since i've even seen a comment from you, i begin to worry :(

great use

of objects, well placed laser drones.

Another rare 5/5


I intend to leave soon. I'm planning for the series to have up to 10 maps, though if I'm feeling inspirational it could go on longer.

I'm leaving because I need to really work on my school life. N sucks up so much time from that, and I'm starting to slip behind. No-one's noticed yet, because I can still fake anything I can't make in school, but I'd like to get to the best of myself in my work.

Also, I've been playing N a hell of a long time for someone my age. I found it halfway through 2005, and only had a three month pause in the middle, or paused when I went on a holiday. Also, I get a hell of a lot of sh!t from my family and friends about it.

@Riobe: Thanks man, I really appreciate those sort of comments (both of the ones you did =D )
@Wumbla: I couldn't agree with you more ='[
@Da_man: I don't comment much on your races because I don't look at a lot of races anymore. You make some brillian races, and some generic ones. Stuff like This [] makes really see how much potential you have, and how good you already are. Don't give up, and keep striving for originality if you can.
@spuzdalot: Thanks! I do think I have to leave though, but who knows, numa may pull me back like it has done with other authors. It'll probably turn out with me playing and commenting, just not making maps anymore. But I'm aiming to not play for as long as possible after this series.
@epigone: If I wasn't making maps back then, I was definitely playing them. I was watching numa for about 6 months before I joined, and I have all of your races in a userlevels somewhere =D
@fingersonthefrets: I felt that a little too, and tried to fix it, but it didn't fix completely =D
@destiny: I'm a bit sad at the idea too =D

/whew/ that was a long comment =D

Last series?

does this mean you intend to leave soon?

i'm getting sad just at the idea =(

Demo Data
some parts remind me of my races, it's okay, but doesn't feel complete.. or as one.. it's not unified.


You should have been around back when I got started making race maps. Those were some fun days. I've always thought the quality has gone down since then too. You might remember my rant on the forums. []

But leaving? That's a shame.


I overlooked it because it really doesn't look like a race map :D

by the way, would you consider my races to be generic? I never see comments of yours on my races...

Oh yes

And my races are boring and generic.

Along with _destiny^-, your the best race maker left. TOo bad you have to go.

Dont leave ;__;

Your races are so cool, especially this one.


I don't really know your maps well and you don't know my maps but the ones I've seen from you are great.
It's a shame that you leave.
(my english is not so good so I hope you understand it)
but... you're leaving?!?
5aved - one of the best and most original races I've seen in a while.
How many parts will this series have?
Demo Data

Good times huh?

I remember when Jack_of_Diamonds and all of those other good race makers where bringing good races, now there are too many noobs makeing crappy maps that are not worthy of a 0. But I wish we can bring Numa backto the old days where half the maps on the newest page where original. The only thing I didn't like about back then was Bussy, no one liked him... 5avde, I'm inspired.

sry you're leaving

but i agree with you about the lack of originality. unfortunately, i'm too much of a coward to leave NUMA.

The flow is pretty good, and the enemies were placed well. The chaingun shots added to the atmosphere, and so did the lasers and especially the gauss. The gauss was extraordinary because it is pretty difficult to place gauss turrets in well places in a race. 5aved

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there'll be one coming to Nreality soon.
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