What roams in the vines...

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep bunny flow fun race rated vines
Created 2008-06-14
Last Modified 2008-06-14
by 15 people.
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Description Are you sure you want to find out?

Original tiles by kk. Whacked around with a sledgehammer by me. A fun little one. I suggest you use demo recording when playing, but it should still work without.

demo soon.


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Hey! Although you AGD'd my map, you forgot to rate it. Plz rate.


You weren't responding to my PMs on the forums, so I checked and your last post was June 28th, and you didn't say you were leaving or anything. Then Riobe pointed out that you're still posting here, so I came here and, by the laws of irony, the first map I check, you're telling someone, "You obviously haven't been around for a while on the forums". :P :P

Anyway, any kind of response to those PMs would be good. Any kind.


That was intense. 5/5aved

I love it

except when this happens.

So awesome, the style of it i mean - clean and flowy, yet rigid and abstract.

The map is an oximoron of paradoxes! :/

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You obviously haven't been around for a while on the forums. They were removed for some reason, but a lot of people want them back, so in the future it may be changed.

nice1 =D


BTW: where did the 4.5/5 and 3.5/5 etc go?
I was wondering about the sort of feedback I'd get. The walljumping on doors was hard to avoid though.


Pretty fun, it had an interesting flow, but wall jumping on doors is sometimes annoying and occasionally the chaingun gets you when it shouldn't.

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Hard, wall jumping on trap doors is not fun. Another amazing race by bunnies.
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Its going to take me some time to finish it. I really like it and its unorthodox flow, especially the beginning.



It's on Nreality too.
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