Whoops, I did it again.

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags abstractish author:bunniesandsheep fun me race rated
Created 2009-05-24
Last Modified 2009-05-24
by 11 people.
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Description Who, me?

Worked for me in edit mode, I'd advise to press 1 before playing. Demo will be on Nreality.

RCE and all that shizz.

Btw, just tried in userlevels, screws up a lot. Play it in edit mode! Doubtless, there will still be something wrong (I don't playtest like I used to) but with a little luck it'll be fine.

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Woah! Calamity7!

haha, they sure dont come like this anymore. Nice-and-tidy AGD.
Demo Data


I got that warm fuzzy feeling.


Link me!

hey man

you heard about Pantheon?


@magirocker: yes, this is a very annoying map. I was playtesting it for about 3 hours trying to get it to work, and I couldn't be bothered tweaking it a little more, so I decided to get rid of it.

I'm surprised people actually know who I am! I've got another race in the works...

Series is like, gone. Series's annoy me now, they make this feel like a chore, which is one of the reasons I left.

very nice

though i do agree with magirocker.
plz make more of these. 4/5

This is awesome you are awesome 5/5

nice race

good to see you back! can't finish it. shame you didn't spend a bit longer playtesting, but hey i don't care - we have an awesome race maker back in action :D

only took forever

well, I finally got an AGD...
Demo Data

Pleasant surprise.

So, time to get on finishing your last series, eh?

I think it's

/Oops/ I did it again.


I've been playing this for over half an hour, and I absolutely love it, but I haven't won even once =/ the thing is, all the enemies work ALMOST all of the time but that means all in all they almost never ALL work. I've been doing everything right, none of my deaths have been from misjumps or anything.

I'm just irritated now, but I'll try again later.

You came!


Very nice race

But a bit hard hard for me, I had to fbf pretty much the whole thing. I wasn't sure on the route at the end, could someone post a nice agd please?

Wasn't a fan of the start, it seemed really awkward. very smooth and varied flow after that though. :)

it felt emty

but thats my opinion


5aved : )


more bunniesandsheeps races coming im guessing? XD
now i r gona play this :)

i'll play once i've finished making my level


hey I remember youu. Nice race :]

heh, yeah

maybe when I have some more spare time =D

btw, just tried in userlevels, screws up a lot. Play it in edit mode!
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