Conquer & Divide

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera kra puzzle rated
Created 2014-08-27
Last Modified 2015-01-09
by 5 people.
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Description pastevison []


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Faster AGD

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Actually fun KRA! Though I'm not sure what was the point of it anyway, this map could've worked well even without it, with just the middle section.
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But it's awesome. 5aved.
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but I like it the way it is. If only the left side was just a touch larger. 5
But I couldn't figure out a good execution. Those edits are pretty nice, but I do agree with Sen that I think the amount of KRA currently is perfect. Although I have an idea now for a different iteration of the middle section.


I really like this. the kra part isn't overdone, which means the map isn't stupidly difficult. The central area is really well planned out, with the gauss at a perfect level of difficulty and the one-ways and mines forcing some careful thinking. As someone who generally doesn't like kra maps, mintnut's idea seems like a push in the wrong direction, but I imagine I'd be in a minority on that one. Anyway, I really like this how it is.
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on my first playthrough i didn't notice the kra part and assumed i'd only get one go through the switches, i actually preferred that. like, having to figure out a path through the one-ways with an unpredictable number of doors open.

as it is, it kind of feels like two different maps smushed together.

also, part of me wonders whether it'd be impossible to force the player to kra through the one-ways as well, perhaps without the gauss?

perhaps something like this:

(i've no idea if that'd work or how it'd affect the rest of the gameplay...)


I managed all switch demo and all I needed to do was get the damn gold.
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