Hick [Fresh2Death Version]

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera map nreality unrated
Created 2014-06-16
Last Modified 2014-06-16
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Description I took an old map of mine [] and shook it up. You have one extra air jump, so use it wisely.

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will do

Oblique! OBlique! OBLique! OBLIque! OBLIQue! OBLIQUe! OBLIQUE!
that said i've been feeling like doing some reviews; is there still a queue? because if there's still a queue i don't think i care enough but otherwise i can write stuff occasionally
Btw, I wanted know whether you can fix the graph shown on the profile page. Mine is all fucked up.

This tickles my pickle.
When will the oblique results be out? It was a February numacon, 2.5 months have passed since then.
Also, what about Dronies'13?
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Cool map, I'll try for agd later, but I'm going to sleep now.
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lol somehow I thought you were talking about something you did to the route of the map. You can imagine my reaction to seeing firetamer's first jumpts. runonboard (without realising nreality element) -I thought I'd get stuck and that would be the end of it but I didn't. V nice map


Great double jump map, I love the drone pathing and effectiveness of drones. Lots of gold.
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