Solar Expansion

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Author Aidiera
Tags alarmdrone author:aidiera nreality unrated
Created 2014-07-14
Last Modified 2014-07-14
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Damn, a single Monster kept me up all night. I'm too old for that shit.

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Holy shit

Now that is an AGD.
i said i wasn't interested if i had to pay attention to a queue. ://///


Expected that to be harder than it was
Demo Data

aidera. my brother

plz if ure not angry with me will u join this group?

I'm a special case

Not a reviewer or admin, but I possess the extreme skill and knowledge required to upload NReality maps to NUMA. :P

Reviewers too.

I can post a NReality map. LOL
You don't need to do a double jump in my map. It's absolutely possible with a single bb jump.

im joking

Trying to do a doublejump of a bounceblock when not having enough falling speed to get deep into the bounceblock is a challenge and while I don't enjoy it in big maps like MH's nice map here its cool -except of course its all a bit too simple/ not much to do


as far as I can see this map appeals on no level whatsoever.

aw COMMON!!!!

how can u even post nreality maps on numa.
i made once and when i tried to upload it here it always said add | in the data and when i added it still described the same problem.
how did u do it aidera?