Sector-CXII (aids remix)

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Author Aidiera
Tags aids-remix author:aidiera martyr rated
Created 2014-05-23
Last Modified 2014-05-23
by 5 people.
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Description An old touch-up of a really cool martyr map. [] Updated a bit.

After I judge the oblique maps (finally) I believe DaggaFork will be taking over as the NUMACon runner. I'm also going to step down and let ortsz finish the Dronies. I didn't get enough nominations, but we'll make do. Prolly going to de-Adminify myself, seeing as how I've ignored you all for too long. Thank you all for supporting me though. You guys were much more helpful than I ever was. <3

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I just went on the map and spotted I already reviewed it 4 years ago. I guess i'll find a different race to review lol.

Hey buddy

There haven't been enough race maps featured for a long time now :(

Will you be a dude and review this: Candy Future []

It really deserves it and I miss race maps being forgotton :(

Alright then.

Also, I commented on one of your map two weeks ago. Quote:
When will the oblique results be out? It was a February numacon, 2.5 months have passed since then.
Also, what about Dronies'13?

Heheh, "most active." Are there any other active admins? I'm with Rose on this one :P

The end of an era

Awesome map! Solid structure and gameplay.

I think we're all sad that you are no longer admin, you will forever remain in our hearts.
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Super fun!

Lazy AGD. Haven't played the original yet, but I can only imagine this is an improvement.

Sorry to hear you're stepping down! You've been good to us, admit it or not. <3
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we honor you for your service to the community


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