The Title And The Description Are Identical

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera map unrated
Created 2014-07-28
Last Modified 2014-07-28
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Description The Title And The Description Are Identical

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You really are my boy! :P
Thanks again, Aids!

Oh sorry, I copy-pasted twice the pastebin url, my fault, here's the map:

Here's the map:

It would be awesome if I could post it as soon as possible per example today please, there's already more than 10 reviews since I published the previous. Thank you really much in advance. :D


I have a forum issue. I forgot my password and doesn't receive an e-mail for some reason.

Is there a way to fix that? Otherwise, I won't be able to use the queue.


Yes, I would like to have my reviewer status back, please. This would help me to have more interactions and to play more maps.

I have one question, though: Is there still a queue or can I feature maps whenever I want without telling anyone?

Seems like a plan.

Give me 2-3 days and I will make my decision. :)


I've noticed the lack of featured maps and visit this site daily. I just have to play more maps from different authors.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.
P.S. I would never stop being a pain your ass. :P :D

hey Aidi,

do you know whether there is a map-pack or something containing all the levels of NReality?

look at you

all topical

looks cool

aesthetically reminds me of some kind of a dungeon

I'm a Trendsetter

I'm a Trendsetter
The Title And The Comment Are Identical.
Demo Data

feels sleepy

Demo Data

I posted it

I had traded my spot with gloomp, i thought he told you that. Then this happened.

<Etothetaui> hey gloomp, do you have a review for tomorrow?

<gloomp> nope

<nipply_puffs> oh ill do one

<Etothetaui> tada problem solved

<gloomp> cool cool

So I thought i wasnt posting one this week. Anyway, now I have.