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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera hard quiet unrated
Created 2014-08-16
Last Modified 2014-08-16
Map Data

Description Thirty Six Lineage

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I am really sorry I missed my review date again. I have been really busy lately. Is there some sort of delayed posting where I could submit a few days before my actual feature?
Should I post it today or on the 31st?

hey Aidi,

I don't know if this completely concerns you, but it seems that there is some problem with the ranking table for level 92-2 []. Any idea regarding this?



vnice map (i dont really bother with that trick though)

is there a limit to what size the avatar must be under?

dunno if you are the one to ask but thought i would give it a shot.

Decently fast agd.

PS if you've asked me to collab with you recently, this is me saying yes. Just throw some tiles at me on and let's get the party started.
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