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Top three favorite authors:
1. Martyr []
2. shortshift []
3. Epigone []

Other Favorite Authors (Not in any order):
script []
Bl3wolf []
Guitar_Hero_Matt []
McP3000 []
MyCheezKilledYours []
Astheoceansblue []
Bloodymoonlike []
Apse []
Lord_Day []
Brainstone []
Amconline []
nevershine []
mistsalker06 []
MidnightGetaway []
Riobe []
Furry_ant []
Pheidippides []

Feature Worthy Maps:
Circus Anima [] by Martyr (Please do not feature this unless I review it)
Shopkeep [] by NIGHTMARE619
Shotgun [] by Sunset
Set Me On Fire [] by scipt
A is the heavenly option [] by GreenEggsAndHam
One Soldier [] by rit0987
Roundabout Happiness [] by im_bad_at_N
Light amplification by stimulated emmission of radiation [] by Epigone
Animus [] by lfaber
Thornprick [] by Sunset
Curtain Drama [] by Eternal Moonlight
Night at Pirate Bay [] by Nevershine least not today. 2. [] by AMLT
Living in a lonely world [] by NachoCheese
Unlimited Citations [] by Mirage
Steakhouse Cakewalk [] by Godless
Plenty for your thoughts? [] by Barabajagal
Overhang [] by _destiny^-
next view [] by Shortshift
turn the light off [] by Sunset
The Abyss [] by QuamayneTrain
Tower Defense [] by Brainstone
Origin of Nightmares Redux (Ghosty) [] by superstardomX_
Ribbonizer [] by lifdoff
Escher's Eerie Estate [] by superstardomX_
space and the woods [] by astheoceansblue
I Spy [] by nDEAVOUR
A tour of the N00b world [] by Dead_N
Pale Hollow [] by magirocker
October [] by LUKESV
a place for my head [] by natures_peril
29-3: vegas [] by lsudny
A trickle of confusion [] by im_bad_at_N
Fire Bomb [] by Romaniac
the little forgotten sentry [] by mintnut
Christmas Lights [] by Chrise
? [] by Meta_Ing
Temple of Aeolus [] by Bl3wolf and da_guru
Love in an Elevator [] by mauve
The Candyman [] by ACR
long day [] by toasters
dark island city [] by shortshift
28-2 A Shrine to Elephants [] by BluePretzel
Halen [] by Astheoceansblue
beware the minotaur [] by Barabajagal
Territory [] by lord_day
A Day at the Hive [] by lord_day
Guada Prime [] by Seneschal
nujabes [] by DW40
195-4: Thousand Thoughts [] by Chrdrenkmann
Just In Time [] by Riobe

First map I played when I first accessed NUMA:
Outside [] by lord_day.

My collab. [] with Shadow93Kangaroo.
My collab. [] with Fireburnsfree.
My collab. [] with n0_ma11y and BluePretzel.
My collab. [] with thereisaspoon.
My collab. [] with ZTHING.
My collab. [] with Bl3wolf.
My collab. [] with Bloodymoonlike.
My collab. [] with Sunset.
My collab. [] with al__cair__reheakallen
Another collab. [] with Sunset

Deds to me:
By Script. []
By S93K and BluePretzel. []
By Sunset. []
By darkcrusader. []

Joined NUMA on 10-28-09.

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Franz Le' Ferdinando Lying Coldly 135-2 Babé :~) I don't even know if this is my map CTRL: Airlock