Not Sure If I Suck at N,...

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Author darkcrusader
Tags author:darkcrusader nart rated
Created 2014-06-21
Last Modified 2014-06-21
by 15 people.
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Description ...or it's been too long since I last played.

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I appreciate that man :)


that's fair enough, you are a true artist my friend! I do as well, id like to think I was a pretty decent mapper in my time


exactly! well I still enjoy it but mapping just doesn't feel the same which is a shame

shame mate, really enjoyed your maps! I feel like the site is losing its members rapidly

I'll do my best!

are there any new maps on the way for you then or not?

Yeah man having a ball! I mean the girls down here are just top class haha and there are like 10 clubs :) Im studying sport management as my degree

wow pretty young to get married! yeah im good thanks just started uni having a good laugh

That's crazy!

Mate many congrats hope you and your wife are happy :) do you mind me asking how old are you?


how you been anyways?


okay, yeah I'm at uni now so have a lot going on but I think im gonna start subbing again simply cause its something to do during lectures and working :) we should do a start up collab again soon?

Please tell me you're still around??







And weba, DC

very cool n-art 4/5

Also, _Pai_Mei_? Where did you come from?


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