TSN #2

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Author darkcrusader
Tags author:darkcrusader n ninjarobotnews rated sunday the tileset
Created 2012-09-03
Last Modified 2012-09-03
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Issue 6! []
And a tileset describing how late it is for me... 9:43 EST

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what do you

mean by that, darkcrusader?

cool map

fun to speed race people.
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Yep. We talked a few nights ago. I'll be on IRC evening US time.


Sorry, I wasn't here for a few days, and I'm still rather busy, but I'll get working on your userbar when I have the time to :D

You can't, I took care of it.

Nice map.
Demo Data

Let's get some fives here and float this bitch.

I was basically just waiting to offer my help until I thought you were serious about bringing this back, so consider it offered. I can write, I can choose maps, I can whatever.

I think you should also start a pinned thread in the subforum dedicated to hosting these (and the ones from last fall) for posterity.

Finally, Pheidi is a hell of an interview.

Sub-150 Demo

Nice tiles :D
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A bit faster.
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A bit faster.

Demo Data


Demo Data

Just wait...

It should update soon, and then it'll look better.



Double submission.