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Author darkcrusader
Tags action author:darkcrusader darkcrusader dogfighting gauss playable unrated
Created 2011-11-04
Last Modified 2011-11-04
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Description E-tiles,

That should distract the missiles.

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Although that drop may seem like the end, there's actually a secret down there that can save your life, as long as you know where to look...


This started out like a pro demo. o_O

Okay map.
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Demo Data

three, not tree.
I hope you find my comments helpful! In particular, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about your piranha reef map. As to this map, one less gauss would be quite awesome, its annoying to die in random crossfire, as happened during several of my better runs. The tree top-most gold are centered at a corner correctly, and the set of 3 sparse gold stand out and would be better if they have a clustered look, like the other bits of gold. That one 3 by 3 square in the center right would look better filled in, the one middle white square looks too small in comparison with its boundary. Hope what I said was helpful, and hope that you didn't feel offended by my original comment, which was not directed at you :)

oh sorry!

I meant that my demo can be massively improved. I wasn't talking about your map. Sorry if that was ambiguous!

Man, I should be more careful with what I write. I'll make it up to you.


It's ok.


Well that was in no way helpful whatsoever.


Naturally can be massively improved.
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I like doing it like this:
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lol at first comment.
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the first try I thought this would require a triple corner jump or something. AGD

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