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Im Armaghan. I'm 16 years old.I'm From Pakistan. Fell free to add me on Facebook []. Nreality was my first experience when EddyMataGallos [] told me to do chimneys here as it was unhackable. From then on i came to know about numa and all the stuff therein.
Before i was accused of hacking in chimneys but then i showed the people here that i didnt hack. Infact i dont even know to lol. If this info isnt enough for you then you may wanna check my wiki page [] edited by macrohenry []

So im a speedrunner and obiously love chimney level although they are starting to get more boring to me.

My friends here are:
1. macrohenry []
2. Mohit Ghune []
3. Vanquish []
4. 1211 []
5. amomentlikethis []
6. EddyMataGallos []
7. lsundy []
8. Jirka []
9. Vanquish []
10. Aidiera []
11. NyanCat_Polska []

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