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Author darkcrusader
Tags author:darkcrusader darkcrusader n news rated sunday the
Created 2011-11-06
Last Modified 2011-11-06
by 19 people.
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My first publication of a new community newsletter. Send suggestions to or pm me [] in the forums.

Download []

In the forums. []

View Online. []
P.S. I don't really know how to post pdfs as viewable online.

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You have like a week to get hold of me in some way or another and prove that you're still an active reviewer.


are yu

still around???

neither hav

I haha need to catch up actually
I don't mean it to come out that way, but thanks everyone for the feedback!

Thanks, Iban,

Although I prefer DC, for short.
"503 Over Quota" thing on NUMA these days? I can't access it 95% of the time. :|


I wasn't mentioned at all.




NUMA is back.
good on you, and keep it up

yeah newletters!

Nice job

My favorite part of the old Sunday N was always the interviews, you should pick that up.
and now I'm not even included in the Sunday N?

Sigh. I guess... I guess I'll have to delete every map on NUMA until I get my own section on the new Sunday N.


i approve, this is really cool!
day-by-day review of the week's maps. looking forward to seeing more of these!


i like it.
Demo Data

I approve, and have sent an email.

That's DaggaFork, for Yes.


meant that more jokingly than indignantly. Again, thanks for the time you put into this!

Also, I'm assuming you've read most of Alex's old posts for ideas - if you haven't there's some good stuff in there.

Further assuming you've asked his permission to borrow his name, etc. If you haven't, I would, although of course he'll be fine with it.

I deleted LUKESV's comment because it was idiotic!

I support this, would like to see you write it for a while as opposed to fizzling like everyone but Alex has, and will gladly make a news post on the home page every week. (Or fortnightly if you find that easier to maintain.)

Just drop the post content on an old map/find me on IRC. This ought to help more people see your work.
Thanks for doing this and stuff.

my review

was not very descriptive and NachoCheese's was well-written? o_O Really, double standards much?

Thanks for the effort you put into this, looking forward to future editions.

I remember doing "Random Rates" once on the old Sunday N. When was that.. 2007? Time flies. On a side note- I'm looking forward to the Dronies this year
Feel free to share a link to this map to whoever. Jump on to the forums, discuss, whatever. I just want more traffic on this map to hopefully make it official news.

No problem, man.

I tried going for the Sunday N a little while back, didn't work out at all. Just glad to see someone else take it into his/her hands. :p

Nice job!

It was small enough that I was able to read the whole thing quickly and enjoy it. And it wasn't long enough to make it boring.
Nice little comic at the end too!
Hope to see more of the Sunday N!


Demo Data

Great work man!

And not just because I was mentioned twice :3
Really sweet work, I hope you keep it up.


count with me also ;)


i like it!


If you want some help with it, contact me in any way.