Bunny Tunes in Hi-Def

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Author darkcrusader
Tags author:darkcrusader cheezburger darkcrusader featured gold mines n-art rated
Created 2011-09-23
Last Modified 2011-10-30
by 28 people.
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Description Whoah man, HD.


This map was featured on 2012-09-28

Have more featured bunny N-art until I find more maps to review.


What are you complaining about? Another map I've featured which you can't play? Man, people can be grumpy.

The only thing you can rant about is this review. But it's still better than nothing like yesterday. Just saying. — Chrdrenkmann

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For the record

I wasn't hating on the map, it's pretty cool.



It's totally ridiculous to write that "Numa is dead" when I made one single bad review.


really remvoed that?

if numa is dead



i could really do with some waffles.

Oh, come on.

What the hell is it with all the hate for this map?

I know my review is shit and I didn't even try to make a good one but the map doesn't deserve the frustration.

I try my best to review at least one map per month but I was very busy in the last weeks and wasn't able to find new feature-worthy maps and write a nice review. So... my best idea was to write an obvious bad but maybe a little bit humourous one. I guess I failed hard.

Sorry, darkcrusader.

I liked it.

Pretty cool, however simple it may be.

Any input always appreciated.


Okay maybe stagnation was a bit harsh. The featured list had been flowing quite well until this blip, and it's good to hear the immediate future is covered. I realise it's not high on anyone's agenda, it just seemed a little crowdsourcing could solve the problem. I guess the 23 replies over the last couple of years on that thread puts that idea to rest though. I will submit a couple of quick reviews anyway, no harm done.

First of all -- there's no "stagnation of the featured maps list" at the moment. We've got the next ten spots or so covered; I can't help that people occasionally forget this unimportant part of their lives.

Second, we stopped advertising for the Creature Feature thread (link below courtesy of 1211) because its use died down. But the unused reviews are still all there. And it's still open to submissions. So go for it.
Creature Feature []

You can post your reviews here and it will plausibly be featured.
If such a system isn't implemented soon, expect this site to settle at the bottom of the septic tank of cyberspace.
Would it be possible to introduce a system whereby non-reviewers submit reviews to reviewers and they are screened and / or edited? Reviewers review non-reviewers' reviews. And by review I mean feature. Would end the stagnation of the featured maps list, no?

mintnut have a point

This map is brilliant, dc. Not sure how I missed it. 5aved.
is probably that the reviewer isn't considering the way he is treating the author whose map he's featuring. Sure it's nice to be on the front page, but when you brazenly accompany it with the whole "here's just any old map, since I'm busy/in a rush/out of good maps" it kind of ruins the sincerity. People deserve to have their maps featured on merit and with respect.

Point is, you've drawn far more attention to the lack of feature, and caused far more ill feeling than if you'd just left the last one up for longer. You could have just written a normal review for this and everything would have been fine.

llabesab, you haven't been around numa at all and you comment like this?

also features are up to the reviewer if you don't like the review, might I suggest looking through some of the 222520+ maps archived here?

And so the decline of NUMA begins...
I don't see much aesthetic value in the map either, but really it's subjective and doesn't bother me too much.

Happy Easter..

..I guess.

Awesome indeed.

this is awesome

and thanks :)

hey mate

tiles received by apakanua

they are soo fitt need to contact 1211 now to see if he likes em too
i was thinking if apakanua doesnt do the tiles how about these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|

yeah sure

buddy :)


i need an update to from apakanua who is currently on tiles he gave me a half piece of work but we decided he is better of doing a whole tile set before we start making some changes.

im so

bad at n-arts haha i wish i was this good :) x

so sick


love it