Don't dance with the Drones...

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Tags author:be_nspired battle battleland drone land prisonerstyle rated
Created 2009-04-25
Last Modified 2009-04-25
by 5 people.
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Description This is for battlelands, but I only realised after it was rated last time I had the wrong code. Silly me.

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I really like this.

Cool little map!

Please consult this thread for instructions regarding Creature Feature: []
Thank you.
1) I was referring to AGD runs in my below comment. And in my second to last sentence, where I say, "it's a shame that it doesn't allow for faster routes", that was a hypothetical situation, since of course this map DOES allow for a faster route. To sum up, it's all good. :)

2) Here's a tad faster completion using a similar route:
Demo Data


I had fun with this. This kind of map (drones in confined spaces) is typically fun anyway, but more so when you can go fast like in this one. 4/5

Also, just to clarify a concept I like to clarify, that second route's existence is what matters to me, whether or not you intended it to exist. And if it wasn't there, right now I'd be commenting on how the map is decent but it's a shame that it doesn't allow for faster routes. As I said, just to clarify.

Oh, nevermind.

AGD is fastest. You just have to spice up the route.
Demo Data
See below demo. :)

Demo Data

fastest i can get

Demo Data


Demo Data

First try

xD ima try a speed run
Demo Data