Chinese Dragon Tileset

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Tags author:be_nspired chinese dragon playable rated tile tileset
Created 2008-12-16
Last Modified 2008-12-16
by 12 people.
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Description Heres a tileset for you


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and thanks for the siggy thingy sooo much!


I always new dragons were cool but I never thought somebody could make such a detaled tileset of it!5*
i just didnt get around to it

Just a tip, in your profile, do this:
@url=]The Tattooed Panda!
Replace @ with a [

Instead of this:
The Tattooed Panda!

now that

is godly

good to see

someone doing great n art
and taking it farther than I ever did

awesome man

i was going to give you a four but the ninjas starting position is so awesome 5.

It's pretty good

But it just seems to lack atmosphere; nonetheless, it's still a nice job. 4/5

Thats when.


And I quote

I know i hate advertisers but can you check out my latest map ;p
That handles ddas, tilesets and n-arts.
This is great. 4
You advertised on my map so I'm going to get back at you. Could you look at my latest map. :)