Teh Humble Zebra

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Tags author:be_nspired humble n-art nonautogenerated oh-bum-nan rated zebra
Created 2008-12-27
Last Modified 2008-12-27
by 103 people.
Map Data

Description I said on 'Teh Bengal TIger' map that i had another n-art in the making, i would say it took about 8 hours in total also spread out like the other, this time i have removed my signature and will be happy to take advice on my next n-art, ooh i wonder how this will go down to n-arts by the same person on the hotmaps, i dont think thats happened before, at least not since ive been around

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I was the 100th rater on this map!
first for me.


sorry didnt see this before or you as an author im kinda newish 5/5


cool :)

very nice ^^

really like it a lot =]



wow []

i think

u can agree with my latest comment on zivilynbanes map

and i thought i rated this guess not
I like all but the nose... good work... your art keeps getting better.

you are realy good!

you are the best in N art that I have EVER seen!


you have earned your loading badge, 3 more to go!

Good riddance.

Nice map though.


34 hours on top and moves down to second place on hot maps page.



comment 87!!
stop rate this map please.... this is outrageous how long time its been on top of hotpage




It's like this map is glued to the top of this page!


i dont like n arts with only one kind of objects
and and a zebra doesnt seem that exciting for me...

It's very well done

and must have taken a lot of effort, but the image really isn't very interesting for me.

3/5 - the ability to produce a good Nart is as much to do with choosing a subject as it is producing the work (imo).

Holy Crap.

30 hours and still on the top of the hot maps page. 5/5
I was showing my appreciation for the N-art without having to give it a rating that kept it on the Hot Maps page.

It's not that I hate N-arts (as crescor claimed in an earlier comment) but that I hate how there seems to be little to no check on comparing n-arts to each other. We do it all the time with action, puzzle, race maps alike without even noticing it. Every map has to be as enjoyable as another map. When I play an amazing map I notice that I rate maps a little less than I probably would have if I had not played such a great map earlier.

N-arts seem to just garner high and low votes as people try to knock them off the Hot Maps page but also try to show their support for the art in general.

Faving the thing gets around this problem. I didn't add to the map staying on the Hot Maps page, but I still showed that I support the drawing that BE_nSPIRED has made. Maybe I'll rate it later when it has successfully dropped off the front page, but until then I'll just fave the N-arts that I like in the future.


This remains on the hotmaps page because the community keeps it there. Now if you want to not anger the lesser of the community who isn't particularly pleased with the amount of time it's up here, there's a better solution then to just not make them at all.

Ratings disabled anyone?

DONT Delist this

Imo, there should be a link on the homepage to "action NUMA"

There we go

Thank you Pawz. And for this to be still dominating probably means it's had a lot more 5's than Tha Squid or Tha Elephant.


hope everyone is happy, i wont submit another n-art for a lomg time. keep this in your hearts :p
il leave it for a while

If you would like to view the Hot Maps page without Narts/n-arts and without dda's, simply type the following into the search box and press enter:

-nart -n-art -dda

It won't get rid of all nart's and dda's but it will probably stave off most of them. NUMA supports negative tags, which allow you to only look at maps that DO NOT have a specified tag.

Here's the link if you're too lazy to do it yourself:
nart/n-art and dda filter []
i was going to start doing tiles again but i think you got the nart situation handled.

keep it up, im watching you!


back on...

its knocked off and another n-art takes its place


want a sneak peek of my collab?

don't knock it off

I'm fine with it on...
just don't submit one tomorrow
at last, blackson happy :)

whats this delisting and relisting and again delisting

ohh relisted
its not working

why did you delist
hate to advertise, but nDEAVOUR has given me free reign :)