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Created 2008-12-03
Last Modified 2008-12-03
by 8 people.
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put them together

then people will get it
i was wondering, im doing a N-art of my new avatar so that everyone can familurise (idk how to spell lol) themselves with it, do you want to help me do it in a collab? im up to the orange tree looking thing coming up from the "U"
and most original arts I've seen in a long time. When I saw all four together, I smiled.
is smart. idk if thats what you intended to do but it gave a sense of emptiness for me and that's a powerful feeling

The mouth is wonky

And I wish you'd have just made it all in one map, but good job.


I put all the maps together on my computer. Thats really awesome.


thats a seriously awesome awesome awesome idea, too bad you cant really see what it is w/o putting them all together :/

Don't see it.

I'm not good at this kind of stuff.

look at the others

hint, jedi