Mirror's Edge

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Tags author:be_nspired edge girl mirror paradigm rated tileset
Created 2008-12-11
Last Modified 2008-12-11
by 28 people.
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Description Ahh peace at last, i havent made a map let alone a tileset in ages. For Paradigm Shift

Im only a little rusty, but it just feels so good

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I loke the person it looked like a real one!

need you to rce

my newest collab :D pleaeaaaassseee e lol
but it is a good remake, 4/5


That game sucks if I'm honest.
you a great tileset maker

The hair... the nose and the chin... 5

I seriously doubt

That anything's going to beat this in the comp


SO WEIRD, cause I was just looking at a -YouTube- vid... for MIRRORS EDGE!


lols at neath

cookie i choose you


This is awesome and so if your Pokemon Trainer Avatar.

(Throws a pokeball with a cookie inside at you)

She looks

like she has the same strain of flu that's hit my town.

Not your best.

Not bad tho. 4 no matter what everyone else says. I haven't played the game though so I probably don't know.

And yes,

Great idea :P
Even if I was that type of person, what basis would I have? I'd just look like a jackass.
a christmas themed as in baby in manger tileset, it just struck me as a good idea

oh, lol

i was mortified to think i could be called such a nasty and inconsiderate name
I was trying to make the point that it's so good, it looks like it is. In other words, 5aved.
considering how sharp and nice the actual game graphics are. Oh well, still remarkable.

very nice man

:D glad you got it back together from yesterdays disaster lol.

keep it up man. 5avedd
at the exact same second

kinda cool

I have the game. It's aaaaaawesome! the grafics are really cool just like the gameplay!

*sorry if this is addvertising*
i think the tatoo was a little... wavy - and she looks like she has those superhero things around her eyes...


Of course not
its amazing

5aved =]