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Tags author:be_nspired giraffe giraffes n-art nonplayable rated tileset
Created 2008-12-28
Last Modified 2008-12-28
by 17 people.
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Description straight to delist so as not to clog up

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I love all the scrumptious animals. 5aved
this is the only n art that uses both tiles and objects.

lol, from the thumb

the branch comong off the tree looks like a snake

great job, 5


I could never do something that good!


nevermind...just read the comments :P
now I look like an idiot.


5aved. not many arts contrast objects and tiles
On a side note, my RealN Forums Account has been disabled...
Do you have any idea why this has happened, and if I can re enable it?


On a side note, my unread comments bar is stuck at 1 map with... and it's very irritating. AGH

Happy New Year

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Live in Croatia. (Northwest of Greece FYI)
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Ha ha 5aved

Happy newyear.


I definitely agree with eganic in that this was a nice idea.


What is the bloody point. Imo, disabling ratings is a far, far better option. Resub and disable ratings, You wont regret it.

That said, apart from the tiles the n-art is extremeply sloppy, and I would have given this a 3, tops.


wonderful, totally brilliant

tiles are totally awesome, mines and gold and stuff could use a tiny bit of refining for maximum realism

i think its totally cool how the tiles make the actual center of attention, but the items make the detailed background

cooler idea than the tiger or zebra, but the items are just a tad amatuerish.

i would love for you to refine the items to the best of your ability to make it look as realistic as the zebra and then submit it after the nart thing has died down

totally cool idea.