Transparency III

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Author Hindi
Tags author:hindi featured laser-drones rated symmetric
Created 2021-07-04
Last Modified 2021-07-04
by 6 people.
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Description A follow-up of one of my oldest maps. Easy to beat, fun to get all gold.

This map was featured on 2023-05-23

There's a zen-like simplicity to this map that really encapsulates minimalist map-making. Rockets and one-ways have historically made for an S-tier item combo, and I think laser drones would also rank very highly. While at first glance such a map may seem repetitive to AGD, it's worth noting that the different drone angles mean you need to be able to improvise on each play-through, which is a hallmark of a level with high replayability. Congratulations, Hindi, on your first feature! — ska

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Good feature. I enjoyed this when it was posted.


With so many routing opportunities, there's surely a more optimal route, but here's the best one I could find.

Really good map.
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but i quickly got the hang of it. very cool!
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