hadal zones part XIII

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Author blacklef
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Created 2016-10-07
Last Modified 2016-10-07
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Description e;yo ay;e

This map was featured on 2022-11-22

Floating from familiarity of chaos, lulled below metronomic sunless plateau, former notions of champion and defeat naturally begin to enmesh in the psyche of the sunk. The sea symbolizes near universal substance for life, so it’s unsurprising to find some creatures’ lack of resistance returning to such a biologic solvent. Any comfort in these processes, however, is completely illusory, and even the drowned has ample cause to fly – for in the dark, unplumbed bowels of the ocean, one may meet those who offer fates still worse than death. — Arona_Daal

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looks ugly as sin, but it's pretty fun.
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this is v cool


thanks for the feature!

those doors

are cool and they know it.

this is great,

that top jump is righteous. and those doors don't give a fuck.

yep =)
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dear blacklef

you make some pretty bangin' maps. i love it.


so fun
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