Burnt Baboon

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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff collab dw40 featured gauss rated rockets
Created 2015-02-19
Last Modified 2015-02-19
by 8 people.
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Description Collab with DW40. Progress [].

This map was featured on 2022-07-22

Before you was taken to the facility, you knew a lot of things that could’ve been helpful. Maybe. Every day it gets harder and harder to recollect the past, between the surrounding neutral hues controlling your every move, and the negative energy tight knit in each corner disallowing any ancestral collection stratagem. You know that it’s building up, deep inside, and soon, inner primacy will be unleashed, without brakeage.

But really, all you know here is that your tail is on fire. — Arona_Daal

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faster agd

route courtesy of Meta_Ing
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very enjoyable map! :)


I don't think this bottleneck is beatable, but I'd love to see it if it is.
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missing the guy, his output was outstanding. I love how all the enemies interact with each other creating very intense but fun environment
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map of the year

like really
how do you like to communicate, and would you like to start?

And an AGD.

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