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Featured map for 2019-05-17: Blanc Bec by stepself

Thumbnail of the map 'Blanc Bec'

Crafted within just ten minutes, Blanc Bec is a well balanced map that sends the player snaking across the map on a collection of floating platforms. The gauss turrets take turns targetting the player as they switch from side to side of the rising structure, creating some moments of real tension in this ultimately relaxed setting. It's safe to say that if you are reading this review, then stepself was a better mapmaker than you are. Those looking to improve their own maps should definitely take note. — lord_day

Featured map for 2019-05-14: Muto by Crappicrap

Thumbnail of the map 'Muto'

Muto, by Crappicrap, is a simple map.

On first glance, one might be concerned that there are slightly too many enemies, especially those crammed into the tight tunnels. However there is a natural flow to the map that makes the enemies easily avoidable, yet still enjoyable to engage with.

The tile and object set combine to give a clean yet elegant aesthetic that compliment this smooth and straightforward map. Overall if you are looking for a relaxed map to play, and perhaps record a fast all gold on, Muto is a great map to turn to. — lord_day

Featured map for 2019-05-11: Ninjas Don't Get Stuck in Wells Usually by firetamer2

Thumbnail of the map 'Ninjas Don't Get Stuck in Wells Usually'

“What do you do when it rains?"
The captain answered frankly. "I get wet.”

What do you do when stuck in a well? This isn't a normal occurence for you, or any ninja frankly, but this is where you are and you don't have many options. You get out of this well or, well, you get obliterated. — lord_day

Featured map for 2019-05-08: 31-4: Red Raiding Hood by deep_blue

Thumbnail of the map '31-4: Red Raiding Hood'

Deep_Blue's work focusing the gold down into dense hotspots has done wonders in adding to the urgency required to succeed in "Red Raiding Hood". Step carefully and collect all you need to, but beware of the chaingun lurking later in the map. It will happily wait for you in order to better serve up a volley of bullets. — PALEMOON

Featured map for 2019-05-05: Swallow Hole by DaggaFork

Thumbnail of the map 'Swallow Hole'

The slow-burning minejumper presented here in "Swallow Hole" is quite a leviathan. Players make haste towards the piles of gold with an almost carefree attitude, but such feelings don't last for long! What begins with an easy sprint through the tubes ends with the player knee-deep in mines; a one-man bomb squad frightened of the viper's kiss. — PALEMOON

Featured map for 2019-05-02: Track Record by Evil_Bob

Thumbnail of the map 'Track Record'

My old school track was one-third mile long. I would often run and time myself, while figuring out how to improve my mile time. On my first lap, I found it best to run at a very quick pace to get my blood flowing. By my second lap I had a rhythm that I would stick with to pace myself. As I neared the last half of the third lap, I would sprint to the finish, using the last of my energy. I didn't always run faster, but I never felt better than when I beat my own track record. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-04-29: Inzaders by krusch

Thumbnail of the map 'Inzaders'

Inzaders is a quintessential krusch. I learned a lot from this map when I first encountered it over a decade ago, and to this day I still enjoy coming back to it. More generally, the Camisade Collection [] has some great maps by some of my favourite authors and is definitely worth checking out for those in search of more maps to play. — lord_day

Featured map for 2019-04-21: The Hive (edit) by Sweep

Thumbnail of the map 'The Hive (edit)'

Bees communicate through dancing. There are two types of dances: the round dance, and the waggle dance. The round dance notifies other bees of food sources closer to the hive and the waggle dance helps locate food sources much further away. Drones have a similar communication system. However, the round dance being performed here signals an intruder. The drones won't actively chase you, but the dance (and their symbiotic relationship with the gauss turret) is extremely effective at keeping threats from their sweet, sweet nectar reserves. Stay aware of your surroundings and you just might make it out alive, honey. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-04-18: Timesplitter by prodigal_cowboy

Thumbnail of the map 'Timesplitter'

May 2005. Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" is the highest-charting Billboard single, Tom Cruise infamously ascends a couch on the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show, George W. is four months into his second term, propelled by fervent Americanism-cum-interventionism, and the N User Maps Archive is nary a year old. Nearly a year before Sweep's preeminent Rocket Rocket Revolution [], user prodigal_cowboy composes his swansong, a quaint and underappreciated study on repurposing a medium to fit one’s vision, upending the conventions of the level creator to reconstruct the game as something new; a legendary gaucho’s headstone, lost to the erosion of memory. — Yahoozy

Featured map for 2019-04-15: Bonfire by littleviking001

Thumbnail of the map 'Bonfire'

So y’all know the Devil. I ain’t impressed. Devil’s been ‘round for years’n years, tearin’ up the deepest center of the Earth with unclean heat and spreadin’ his evil ways about its topsoil. Scarier men’n you’ve known the Devil and they were way more intimate, just ask ma Daddy. Man lost six fingers to the Devil. Lost my dear mother, God rest her soul. Lost his guts to the Devil’n now he’s sweatin’ bullets on the Devil’s spit. To tell y’all the truth, I miss when the Devil’d roam the Earth red and grinnin’. Could always see ‘im that way. — Yahoozy

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