ways around the mountain

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Author blacklef
Tags author:blacklef concept featured unrated
Created 2016-08-02
Last Modified 2016-08-02
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Description an experiment of some sort

This map was featured on 2022-12-06

I would say my favourite object combination in this game is that of the humble one-way platform and the homing rocket. Blacklef exploits the unique mechanic of using tiles to force your way to the top, offering a tough challenge that is satisfying to master. There's also something satisfying about the descent — but just make sure you don't go too far left... or you might get snookered. — ska

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my mandate is to be objective. you did good, kid. :)

thank you very much

for featuring this map!

good choice for a review!


The rocket isn't as oppressive as I thought it would be. In many sections you can take it slow and safe. Which is brilliant because after beating the level you'll just want to improve your run :)
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Holy smokes

Such a fantastic idea. God damn well done. faved, bookmarked
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Agree with macro

You got an awesome idea here. Challenging, but keeps you wanting to beat it.
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but then it's tons of fun.


I see you got the proper completion.


100 maps congrats
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Cool idea. I can't get past this part
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