Wash Away the Rain

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Author heatwave21
Tags author:heatwave21 bitesized featured inovative playable race rated
Created 2007-07-30
Last Modified 2007-07-30
by 105 people.
Map Data

Description This is a no jump race map that I've been working on. I used the new thwump propulsion that Jakel discovered, found here:

This map was featured on 2009-02-20

Thwump propulsion isn't something that is often seen in a race map, let alone have it be the main idea. But something about heatwave and thwump propulsion come together in race format, creating a lot of kinetic energy that hopefully your ninjas legs will be able to handle.
Squished between two opposing forces to be vaulted up a dangerous chimney or being lifted between a field of mines make running through this a blast and the gameplay is quite a work of art, really. Let's hope you can keep up your speed and record some crazy fast demos! — origami_alligator

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Absolute perfection

Very loopadramaish.

why dont you

want it to be added to the list?

crazy fun

Demo Data


that it is. 5/5 by 97 people.


just found this map rated it 5 and now its public 5 so happy!!! 5aved

First try

this was awesome.
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*stands in awe of this map*
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cool race

it was a little dda-ish though
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Faster Demo Data

Sorry to advertise but I made a map with no jumps.
Could you take a look at it please?
It's called "Damnation".
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Demo Data


still like it
You're only complaining because you thought I said that I only used thwump propulsion.
Not "I used only thwump propulsion."
thats not usingthwump propulsion!

Um, yes.

There is a launchpad.



How do you put them into your favourites?


I played it again
found out there is no jumps sorry.
I just couldn't finish it without jumping.
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ten times over! =]

Fastest I could get

Demo Data


how do people do these kind of maps! why cant i be that clever!
nohayhan, press the ~ button when you're on the main menu in n, then copy the level data from here into the first box, click outside of the box, and press l. Then turn caps-lock on, press p and enjoy.
how do you play other maps other ppl played tell me plzzz


I really hope this map remains in the top feature position. Clearly 6 days is not enough for my playing needs...


fastest i could get
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I agree as well.

Still pretty good. :D

Agree with k1rbywasthere.
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and too much like a dda, but nice use of the propulsion.

thats just awesome

died on the right shaft, at the top.



Shit. It's been four days? Really?


I don't mind.
Any time soon?


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Mmh first go

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