The Road through the Wall

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Author heatwave21
Tags action author:heatwave21 german playable rated sexy shazam stranglohausen
Created 2007-06-26
by 10 people.
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Description Oops. had to resubmit this. The laser wasn't doing what I wanted him to do. Sorry all.

Anyway, Mcnabb's tileset, but I had to change it a bit to make for a better drone path. heres the link to the original:

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This seems like the type of map I would expect to earn a solid 4 on NUMA, simply because it's calculated yet stylish, in both play and looks. But for me it was kinda boring. I see what people like about it, and that's neat, but the gameplay's just not up to par. 3.5.

Slower AGD
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4.5, still faved ^^

Power 500.

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Demo Data


faved to play tomorrow.. I love lasers, this looks nice.
gameplay is nice.