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Author heatwave21
Tags action author:heatwave21 playable rated
Created 2007-06-01
by 6 people.
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Description A Pillar level. Enjoy.

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Faster Completion

Forget what I said earlier, except how it's empty/uneventful. I realized that you were trying to make it easier to stay alive, thereby encouraging AGDs, but the gold is just too scattered for me.
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I do admit, i've been slowing down. A lot. But I think I'm getting back into it. I hope. :\ right now, im working on levels for the SUBLiME competition, so don't expect anything from me on NUMA for a while.


How's it been going lately, fellow mapmaker? I haven't seen any activity from you in a while.


I thought it was a bit to empty and/or uneventful. There was a lot of open space that the drones just monitored from the sidelines. And though falling was sometimes fatal, the map never forces you to climb a difficult section (at least not for completion). Given the description of "a pillar level," I was expecting a climbing section. Ah well. As I said, it's still a decent map.
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