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Jumoper :D


And yes I meant ''jumper''


Great no-jumoper.


cant say anything bad about.

lov the way u dont have to jump
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of thwump propulsion I've seen in a very long time. Congratulations on the feature, heat, you well deserve it.


No jumping
Demo Data

this map

was amazing. I loved it to death.


Awesome map.

This was a great, unique map.


No-jump speedrun that came close to origami_alligator's demoes.
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This is probably

the map that has been featured for the longest time.


On the plus side, a lot of people played/saw this map for an extended period of time.


I don't know if I ever jumped in my 800 demo. But if you think I did... here's an 801 demo, absolutely no jumping.
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A no-jump map is a map in which the player never hits his/her jump key. It doesn't mean that the ninja never leaves the ground. Or maybe you were being sarcastic?
way before it got featured, and let me say it deserved to be.

great no-jump

i loved the bit where you started moving stupidly fast for a period of time, really captured the sense of speed that i think you were going for.

I liked it

The variation of thwump use is innovative.

Awsome Map

Well I love races and if I can't complete them, then I look
at the demos. Very simple. Oh yeah, heatwave21 there is a jump in that race.
When you go through the oneway platforms, yeah, that one.
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Demo Data

I remember this map

It was fun.

thanks, origami!

Ad, I agree. I think it's just because I ran out of room near the end.
I loved it then, and I still love it now.

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It feels like I have played a map that used this concept better. But I dont remember... still fun and brilliant.


it's a no jump map? oh, well then in that case, it's pretty good. nice as usual. although still a bit generic.


made and designed. I give this a five and favorite.

no jumps.
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That said, it's still 4 worthy.
well executed sir.
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fun as hell

never seen thwump propulsion like that
5aved for me dude.
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But the action kinda fizzles out when you get closer to the end, and it never really get's to the climax it's screaming out for.


with a bit jumping
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First try

Really awesome map,don't know what to say.5aved.
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Sweeet 5 5 5

agree with Lord_Day, but its still awesome.
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but i looked at this yesterday and thought it was amazing
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That's all

this i awesome!!!!

and would have taken ages to get right...some interesting thwump prepolsions too
5aved for sure :D
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Pretty fast

M, loved the huge speed jumps, keeps you on your toes.
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i know i've never had a featured map but it's to short look at my race maps. I love thoughs thumps nice.4.5

pretty fast

beginning only cos i was to fast
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Ha i love it