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Author heatwave21
Tags action author:heatwave21 playable rated
Created 2007-06-22
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I like how the Tilset turned out. It reminds me of some kind of mining village. Anyway, enjoy.

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Going for an AGD

Then I realized I forgot the gold in the top left. Oh well.

The map's pretty good, but the gameplay just doesn't quite get my goat, otherwise I'd be going for that full AGD. 3.5.
Demo Data
The hidden one-ways were meant to be a surprise. I wanted everyone that played this to find out for themselves that you can't walk through those passages.

slow AGD

good map, the only change I would recommend is making the one-ways that stop you from using the top and bottom entries to the left-hand-side more visible, because I had a ruined demo with each
Demo Data
A really small map can still be very challenging. I just decided that I didn't need to use the rest of the area. If I did, the map might get too long, and it wouldn't be as fun to play.


lasy? lazy. whoops.. =\
I'm too lasy for an AGD, but I'm sure you guys will be able to crank one out.
Demo Data

great tileset

but you should have done more with the top. Submit another version of this with differnt enimies and stuff, i'd like to see it. 3.5/5